Electric Vehicle Roadmap - Goal 5

Fund Electric Vehicle Expert/Consumer Advocate as a regional resource

Targeted Outcome

Increase electric vehicle (EV) ownership and charging station installations through education, outreach, regional collaboration, and incentives.


Community outreach

The County has created a consumer guide website to provide technical support, education, and outreach to increase EV use and charging station installations throughout the region. Providing a consolidated source of vehicle electrification information to the public helps to dispel misconceptions about EV performance, cost, and processes for installing EV charging infrastructure.

The EV Consumer Guide website provides residents and businesses highlights of the benefits of EV ownership, a fuel cost comparison calculator, a search engine of available EV models, charger installation procedures, and available incentives.


  • The EV Consumer Guide¬†website was developed during 2020 and officially launched in June 2021. The site provides a decision support tool that assists consumers with choosing the right EV for their needs and budget. Staff continue to research and review the website to ensure the content is up to date with the latest EV technology, new and pre-owned EV market trends, County policies and priorities, and legislation.