Electric Vehicle Roadmap - Goal 1

Further reduce the County's fleet of gas-powered vehicles

Targeted Outcome

Increase the number of electric vehicles (EVs) in the County's fleet to 501 vehicles by 2027.


County EV Fleet

The County plans for fleet efficiency through the Climate Action Plan and Strategic Energy Plan, which establishes targets and actions to reduce the County’s fleet emissions from approximately 4,500 heavy- and light-duty vehicles.

The EV Roadmap identifies policy changes to three Board Policies (H-1H-2, and F-22) to provide greater purchasing power to aid in the conversion of fleet vehicles in accordance with vehicle replacement schedules, and allow for negotiations with lessors to consider installing charging infrastructure in non-County owned facilities.

The EV Roadmap plans for the County to convert 250 fleet gas-powered vehicles to EVs by 2025, convert an additional 251 vehicles by 2027, and install all necessary EV charging infrastructure to accommodate the EV fleet. In total, the County fleet will have 501 EVs by 2027.

2019-2020 Accomplishments

  • 84 EV charging stations available across eight County facilities for fleet use

County Fleet


EVs through FY19/20