Electric Vehicle Roadmap - Goal 1

Further reduce the County's fleet of gas-powered vehicles

Targeted Outcome

Increase the number of electric vehicles (EVs) in the County's fleet to 501 vehicles by 2027.


County EV Fleet

The County plans for fleet efficiency through the 2018 Climate Action PlanStrategic Energy Plan, and Green Fleet Action Plan, which establish targets and actions to reduce the County’s fleet emissions from more than 4,300 heavy- and light-duty vehicles.

The EV Roadmap identifies policy changes to three Board Policies (H-1H-2, and F-22) to provide greater purchasing power to aid in the conversion of fleet vehicles in accordance with vehicle replacement schedules, and allow for negotiations with lessors to consider installing charging infrastructure in non-County owned facilities.

The EV Roadmap plans for the County to convert 250 fleet gas-powered vehicles to EVs by 2025, convert an additional 251 vehicles by 2027, and install all necessary EV charging infrastructure to accommodate the EV fleet. In total, the County fleet will have 501 EVs by 2027.


County Fleet


EVs in use as of April 2023

  • Replaced 126 gas-powered fleet vehicles with EVs as of April 2023, including 13 new EVs in 2022, with an additional 133 vehicles on-order.
  • DGS is continuing the update of Green Fleet Action Plan, which guides the transition of County fleet vehicles to EV models, to align with State goals for future sales of EVs.
  • The San Diego County Library retired two diesel-fueled buses mobile libraries and will be replacing them with five all-electric mobile outreach vans, providing expanded mobile library services and other resources to residents and students throughout the region.

119 EV charging stations in construction for the County fleet at the County Operations Center