CAP Update: Spring Valley Community Meeting


As part of the public involvement process for the Climate Action Plan Update (CAP Update), the County of San Diego (County) is conducting intentional engagement within Environmental Justice Communities (EJCs) to gather input and recommendations for the Climate Action Plan. EJCs are designated and defined in the San Diego County’s Environmental Justice Element.

On January 26, 2022, the County hosted a virtual meeting in Spring Valley, the second of multiple meetings to reach EJCs in San Diego County.

The meeting was organized and conducted to accomplish the following objectives:

  • Create a comfortable, engaging environment where all participants have an opportunity to provide meaningful input.
  • Promote dialogue and build connections with stakeholders to explore climate change in their community.
  • Obtain input, with a focus on the Spring Valley community, to help to develop the Climate Action Plan Update and identify community concerns and ideas.
  • Provide an overview of the Climate Action Plan Update in a clear and easy to understand way, including the purpose, process, outcomes, timeline, and future opportunities to provide input.
  • Explore opportunities and challenges related to greenhouse gas reduction measures that may be considered for the Climate Action Plan Update.
Spring Valley Community Meeting PPT

The meeting was a virtual event where community members arrived at 6 p.m. to participate in a staff-led presentation, polls, and breakout session.

The activities took place in a series of five “booths” staffed by project team members, including Welcome & Orientation; Tell Us About Your Community; Climate Change in San Diego County; What is the Climate Action Plan?​; and What would work in your community?

Community input

At the booths, community members had conversations with project team members and were invited to share their perspectives.

The activities were designed so that we generally learned more about the Spring Valley community and heard community members’ perspectives about climate change and potential actions to reduce greenhouse gases.

An interpreter was in attendance for community members whose primary language is Spanish. The meeting materials were also offered in Spanish.

Major themes from the input received from participants are listed below.

  • A number of participants shared that education on sustainability related topics such as solar energy, composting, and conversion of gas equipment to electric are among their top priorities. Additionally, local examples of sustainability are crucial; for example, local community gardens with composting or local and trusted sources for solar energy and installation.
  • Many participants emphasized the importance of improved transportation: from bike and pedestrian safety to enhancements in public transportation and incentives for electric vehicles.
  • Multiple participants identified climate change impacts affecting their community, including increased flooding events and heat waves and their respective impacts, such as dying vegetation and utility strains.
  • Some participants identified potential ideas for the Climate Action Plan Update, including improved multi-modal options, renewable energy options, and “smart” street lighting.
  • Strategies related to solid waste, water and wastewater, and agriculture and conservation were all identified as potential solutions to address climate change in Spring Valley. Several participants highlighted waste to energy, composting, greywater systems, and native landscapes.

You can find the full summary of the Spring Valley Community Meeting here.

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