Expanding the number of trees in San Diego County The County of San Diego is working to increase the number of trees at County parks and open space preserves. As part of its Climate Action Plan, the County is implementing a tree planting program for the unincorporated county to plant a minimum of 3,500 trees annually! Continue Reading Article


Strong branches: How trees benefit our everyday lives Trees are a beautiful part of San Diego’s landscape wherever they are found – on urban streets downtown, lining boulevards, and peppered throughout canyons, open spaces, and on mountainsides that crisscross the county. Trees offer us so many benefits across all areas of our lives, it is easy to overlook some of them. Learn more about a few of the benefits of trees, including economic, environmental, health, and social benefits. Continue Reading Article


Landscaping for your climate zone with native plants saves water and attracts friendly visitors! Did you know that you can see more species of birds in San Diego County than in any other county in the United States? From the coastal prairie zone to the desert zone, our region supports a wide range of climactic conditions. Understanding these climactic zone conditions help to determine how well different types of landscaping will survive and thrive in your yard. Continue Reading Article


Reducing outdoor water use California’s year-round sun and ideal weather can help grow beautiful gardens and lawns, but often it can require large amounts of water to keep plants looking great. Reducing outdoor water use doesn’t have to mean changing a beautiful garden oasis though – just being creative about where the water comes from. A low-cost way to capture free rainwater is with rain barrels. Continue Reading Article


Quick tips on how to save water Did you know that 30-60% of water California households consume is for outdoor usage? View simple changes for ways you can conserve water in your home and yard that can result in significant savings. Continue Reading Article


Keeping stormwater drains, rivers, lakes, and oceans free of hazardous waste One of San Diego region’s most valuable natural resource is water and keeping our waterways clean is a concern of most residents. One way our waterways can be negatively impacted is from hazardous waste and other pollutants entering our stormwater system. See how you can help prevent stormwater pollution with a few simple steps. Continue Reading Article


Enjoy your new year sustainably The beginning of any new year allows for a new start. This new year is unique as it provides an opportunity to think about what the next decade might bring. Thinking long term and making positive choices work together with sustainability. Here are simple practices that can be considered to incorporate sustainability into your daily life in the new year. Continue Reading Article


Winter Energy Savings Stay warm this winter while saving on your home energy bills by following a few simple tips. Continue Reading Article


Walking or biking can do more than kick-starting a healthy New Year's resolution The start of a new year is the time when many people resolve to practice healthier habits, often dedicating to eat better, exercise more, and improve overall personal health. See how walking or bicycling to work or to complete an errand, can help increase your activity levels and provide multiple benefits to both you and the community. Continue Reading Article


Fresh, Seasonal Holiday Feasts This festive time of year offers many opportunities to enjoy special meals with friends and family. It is also a great time to try new recipes that highlight fresh, seasonal ingredients. Continue Reading Article


Don't 'waste' the holidays away! Between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day, American household waste increases by more than 25 percent. Here are four zero waste and eco-friendly gift ideas from San Diego County’s ReThink Waste that can make the holidays more meaningful. Continue Reading Article


Are you ready to own an Electric Vehicle? The County is making it easier. On October 16, 2019, the County Board of Supervisors approved an Electric Vehicle (EV) Roadmap. The EV Roadmap establishes actions that the County will take to build out electric vehicle charging infrastructure in the County’s unincorporated area and encourage EV ownership among residents while helping to meet the state vehicle and charging infrastructure goals in the next decade. Continue Reading Article


Ride Free and Ride Share This Week! In the unincorporated county, 45% of greenhouse gas emissions come from cars and trucks. The average American car emits one pound of carbon for each mile driven. Free Ride Day is on October 2nd. Ride Share Week, September 30 – October 4, promotes taking transit, carpooling or vanpooling. Continue Reading Article


Recycling Do's and Don'ts It’s happened before…you’re standing at the recycling bin holding a greasy pizza box, a slightly dirty take-out Styrofoam container, or a used coffee cup and you wonder, “is this recyclable?” In hope or haste, you make your decision. But did you make the right choice? And what are the consequences if you didn’t? Continue Reading Article


Picking up the PACE: Preserving Agriculture in San Diego County With over 5,000 small farms and 360 registered organic growers, San Diego County has the largest number of small farms in California and the highest number of organic farms in the country. Just head out to pick apples in Julian, peruse the rainbow of produce at a local farmers markets, or witness the influx of farm to table restaurants and you quickly see how agriculture and farming feed the local economy, particularly in unincorporated areas. Continue Reading Article


Are YOU Ready for a Wildfire? Wildfire season is upon us. It may not seem like it with the amount rain we received this winter and spring. But all that rain led to an abundant growth in vegetation, which in hot, dry temperatures, becomes the perfect fuel for fires. Continue Reading Article


County on Track to Meet 2020 Emissions Reduction Target! The County is excited to announce the release of the 2018 Annual Monitoring Report, the first in the series of reporting and monitoring requirements, the report describes the County’s implementation efforts supporting the Climate Action Plan (CAP) which was adopted in February 2018. Continue Reading Article


Healthy Ways to Prevent Wasted Food Did you know that 40% of food in the US goes uneaten while 40 million Americans do not have consistent access to adequate and nutritious food? In California, 6 million tons of food is thrown away! Continue Reading Article


Save Energy On Hot Days Your air conditioner may be working hard these hot, muggy San Diego summer days. Keep cool this summer while saving on your home energy bills by following some important tips. Continue Reading Article


Water Smart Tips Up to 70% of your water bill goes to watering your lawn and garden! Using water more efficiently will not only help you lower your home water bills but also can help protect San Diego’s water quality. Continue Reading Article