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This month, we’re introducing our Conservation Team. Look out for their #SpeciesSpotlight series on our social channels!

Meet the County’s Conservation Team!

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The Sustainability Planning Division presents to you: The Conservation Team! This team of dynamic women runs important conservation projects across County lands. Some of these projects include preserving habitats, species, and agriculture, developing private land monitoring plans, and creating guidelines and policies for conservation lands. Learn more about our Conservation Programs here.

Chelsea Oakes is the team’s Planning Manager and oversees development of the North County Multiple Species Conservation Plan. Chelsea joined PDS in 2013 while completing her Master’s Degree in Public Health. During her time at PDS, Chelsea has held roles in six of PDS’ seven divisions and has worked on various discretionary, long range, and conservation projects. In her free time, Chelsea enjoys traveling and paddling with local dragon boat and outrigger canoe clubs.

Autumn Viglione is a Land Use Environmental Planner who oversees the implementation of the County’s private Resource Management Plan Program and is the manager for the County’s upcoming Butterfly Conservation Plan. Autumn recently embarked on a culinary journey seeking out freshness and flavor by eating seasonally and harvesting fruits and vegetables from her husband’s garden. On the weekends you can find her enjoying beautiful San Diego weather outdoors or hanging out with family and friends.

Stephanie Neal is a Land Use Environmental Planner who manages the Purchase of Agricultural Conservation Easement (PACE) Program. Stephanie enjoys learning about the strong ties our local farmers have to their land and working collaboratively to preserve those unique agricultural resources in San Diego. She started with the County in 2017 as a Student Worker and is currently working on her Master’s in Biological Science from California State University San Marcos. She also studied abroad in Cuiabá, Brazil where she performed field studies in the Pantanal, the world's largest tropical wetland area and largest flooded grasslands.

Tanya Agrawal is a Land Use Environmental Planner who manages the Resource Management Program, ensuring San Diego’s biological habitats and resources are preserved. Tanya started with the County in 2019 after getting her Bachelor of Science in Environmental Systems. She also enjoys scuba diving and surfing in her free time. Surf’s always up in sunny San Diego!

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