Fresh, Seasonal Produce at Your Local Farmers’ Market


Ah, the warm rays of summer are out and now is a great time to enjoy sweet, juicy strawberries, cherries, peaches, and watermelon. You can find these refreshing, seasonal treats at 36 Certified Farmers’ Markets and 21 farm stands throughout the region.

The San Diego County Farm Bureau and Edible San Diego provide weekly updates on farmers’ market locations and days and times of operation.


Visit a Market: Safety Guidelines

According to San Diego Markets, here are a few tips to observe when visiting your local farmers’ markets.

  • Shop Alone. Sampling of fruit, honey, and cheese is tempting but we need to refrain from lingering at the market to socialize with friends and family at this time. Select what you would like to purchase and then leave the market so the next shopper can enter.
  • Observe Physical Distancing. Remain six feet apart at the market. Follow the marks on the sidewalks and within the market.
  • Point to Purchase. Simply point out the item you would like to purchase, and the farmer will place it on the table for you to pick up. This ensures that your purchase is not touched by multiple shoppers. Regular washing and sanitizing of surfaces are being observed at the markets. Hand wash and sanitizing stations are available for patrons to use as well.
  • Masked Vendors. Staff and vendors use masks at the farmers’ market and shoppers are also required to use face coverings to keep each other safe. Eating or drinking at the market is not allowed so your mask stays in place.
  • Wash your produce. As always, wash your fresh produce when you get home.
Farmers' Market

Have the Market Delivered to You

You also can discover fresh, seasonal, local food by subscribing to a community supported agriculture (CSA) service. CSA services deliver a variety of fruits and vegetables within a CSA box which you can either pick up or have delivered to your home or office. Apart from being a great way to have a consistent supply of fresh produce, it is also a wonderful way to support your favorite local farm. Edible San Diego has an interactive map to help you locate a local farm or produce delivery service close to you.

State of the Food System for the San Diego Region 2019 Report

Learn More About Our Local Food System

Here in San Diego, Live Well San Diego’s Food System Initiative supports an efficient and equitable food system to provide opportunities for all residents to have access to fresh, healthy food. As part of this work, the Initiative released the State of the Food System for the San Diego Region 2019 Report. The report provides an in-depth look at our local food system and the role it plays in people’s health and well-being, and its effect on environmental sustainability and the economic welfare of society.

So check out your local farmers’ market or CSA box to craft your summer menu, and support our local farmers and ranchers while doing so!