Make the Pledge to Go Electric During National Drive Electric Week 2021


The start of the 11th annual National Drive Electric Week is a few days away! From September 25 to October 3, 2021, celebrate with people as they raise awareness of the many benefits of battery electric and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (EVs). Free EV celebrations – from online educational workshops and Zoom EV driver meet-and-greets to in-person music and food events and EV test drives – will take place across the country to help you understand the basics of owning and operating an EV and to celebrate the historic shift to vehicle electrification.

If you're not yet an EV driver, this is a great opportunity to learn why millions of Americans have already switched! If you are driving electric, invite your friends and join an event to share your experiences with others!

Local Events

Electric vehicle charging

As part of the weeklong activities, San Diego Gas & Electric and regional partners are hosting an EV Day in San Diego on Saturday, October 2.

At EV Day San Diego, guests will have the opportunity to see in-person EVs on display and receive more information on the benefits of EVs.

You can search for additional local events occurring throughout National Drive Electric Week here.

The County’s Commitment to Vehicle Electrification

Electric vehicle parking

The County is committed to doing its part to increase the number of EVs on the road and improve access to charging infrastructure in order to provide clean transportation options for all residents in the region. This important work protects the public’s health and safety, sustains the environment, and improves the quality of life for San Diego County residents and visitors. Efforts to transition to cleaner vehicles that emit zero GHG emissions are an important strategy for the County to achieve GHG reduction goals and greater sustainability for the region.

The County works to accelerate vehicle electrification across the region with policy changes, EV infrastructure improvements, public outreach, and regional collaboration in a number of ways.

  • Electric Vehicle Roadmap . The 2019 EV Roadmap contains six goals and 11 recommendations that leverage the County’s land use authority, permitting processes, and outreach platforms to increase EV ownership and charging installations in the unincorporated area and at County facilities. Learn more about the EV Roadmap and track progress on the program’s implementation efforts here.
  • Electric Vehicle Consumer Guide. The EV Consumer Guide website provides resources to help answer your questions about owning a battery EV and can help you find an EV that fits your needs. You will find consumer-friendly information on the benefits and cost savings of owning an EV, available purchase incentives, charging options, and a vehicle search and comparison tool to find EV models that fit your lifestyle.
  • Accelerate to Zero Emissions (A2Z) Collaboration. The County works with regional partners on the A2Z Collaboration to support region-wide efforts to accelerate investment in EVs and EV infrastructure. The A2Z Collaboration recently released a report that projects the demand for EVs and charging stations needed in the region to meet California’s targets. Learn more about the A2Z Collaboration and read the report here.
  • Monitoring Public EV Charging Stations. The County’s Department of Agriculture, Weights and Measures inspects public EV charging stations for correct specifications, accuracy, and required labeling. These inspections ensure that all public EV chargers dispensing alternating current (Level 1 and 2 chargers) used for commercial purposes (i.e., not home-based chargers or public chargers that dispense electricity at no cost to the consumer) installed after January 2021 meet State standards. Direct current (DC fast charger) regulations will begin for public locations installed after January 1, 2023.