Increasing Organic Recycling in the County: Organic Materials Ordinance Update Project


There has been a lot of information swirling around about organics recycling related to Senate Bill (SB) 1383: new green bins, food donation requirements for businesses, and regional organics recycling capacity building. The County is addressing all these requirements, and then some.

In addition to the SB 1383 requirements, the County’s Planning & Development Services (PDS) and Department of Public Works (DPW) are developing the Organic Materials Ordinance Update project to help divert organic materials (such as food scraps, plant materials, and agricultural materials) from landfills.

The project will amend the County’s existing zoning ordinance to allow organic material processing or composting to occur in more areas of the unincorporated county, including in agricultural, community gardens, and residential settings. Additionally, more permit options will be provided and will vary depending on the size and intensity of the operation, which will facilitate establishment of more operations, particularly in the commercial setting. To help ensure the protection of public health and safety, the project will also include best management practice requirements to address issues of stormwater runoff, odors, pests, and others.

Organic Materials Ordinance Update Project Area Map

The Organic Materials Ordinance Update project is part of a Countywide effort to meet solid waste diversion targets pursuant to the 2018 CAP and in alignment with programs and policies recommended by the Strategic Plan.

Next Steps

The project will be heard by the Planning Commission and the Board of Supervisors later in the summer.

Stay up to date on the project by visiting the project website, following along on Facebook and Twitter, or contacting Tyler Farmer at 619-517-5102 or