Planting Trees for the Future


Tree planting is part of a major initiative to replenish San Diego’s tree canopy – the County’s 2018 Climate Action Plan has two measures, A-2.1 and A-2.2, that will increase residential and County tree planting.

To support tree planting at County Parks last fiscal year, the County’s Department of Parks and Recreation team and volunteers planted 4,113 trees of varying sizes in over 50 park locations. By the end of next fiscal year, we can expect to see at least 3,500 additional trees rooted in County parks and preserves. This is just one example of how staff work every day to protect and preserve the land and natural resources they manage.

Why trees?

ENVIRONMENTAL BENEFITS: Trees conserve water and replenish underground water reserves. They stabilize roots to prevent erosion, protecting trails and other park features. They also host full ecosystems or animals and insects, providing food and shelter and sustenance for their extended habitats.

SOCIAL BENEFITS: Trees filter the sun’s ultra-violet rays, providing shade and comfort and cooling the atmosphere. They also filter rainfall, pollutants, and sound – muting distractions that would otherwise interfere with parties, picnics, and camping trips.

ECONOMIC BENEFITS: Trees by homes provide natural wind and sun barriers, which can reduce heating and air-conditioning costs. Mature trees elevate property value and have been said to produce as much oxygen in a season as 10 people inhale in a year, reducing medical costs by boosting physical wellness.

Want to get involved?

Join DPR’s growing list of volunteer tree planters, or view our seasonal program guide for tree planting activities at parks near you!

American Heritage Girls Tree Planting at Potrero County Park