Request Service

Click the link below to request a free rat* or mosquito inspection, or to report a green pooldead bird**, high mosquito activity, or other vector-related issue.

Requests can also be submitted by phone, email, and using the Tell Us Now! app. Please include your name, phone number, location (address) of the request/complaint, and a brief description of the problem. If you want to report a problem in your area but do not require an individual inspection, please include that in the complaint. 

Phone: (858) 694-2888

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*The San Diego County Vector Control Program provides free of charge: a rat inspection on the outside of buildings, a trap station, and informational material. We are not pest control and do not trap, bait, or get rid of rats and mice. Rat inspections are an educational service only. The Vector Control Program does not sell or provide bait. Please check with your local home improvement/hardware or feed store regarding availability of bait.

**If reporting a dead bird on weekends, holidays, or outside business hours, please call (858) 505-6657. Dead bird submission criteria can be found here


  (858) 694-2888