DPW by the Numbers

San Diego County is a big place. One of the largest counties in the State of California, it has more land area than Delaware, Rhode Island and Washington D.C. combined. It has enough roadway just in the unincorporated areas to stretch from here to Pensacola, Florida. And it’s a big job to maintain it all – to ensure over 56 miles of guard rails are inspected and safe, that over 200 bridges are structurally sound, more than 400 miles of sewer lines are inspected and cleaned each year, and stormwater systems are ready to handle the winter rains.

Valley Center Rd Widening

Besides keeping our roads safe and passable – fixing potholes; clearing snow on mountain roads; removing boulders and fallen trees on other roadways before the storms have even left the area, DPW crews maintain more than 44,000 street lights and traffic signs. They regularly paint miles of road striping and more than 12,000 legends on our roads - those legends that warn of a stop sign ahead, or when we’re approaching a school crossing.


Public Works processes more than 4,000 permits each year, everything from road closures for a neighborhood block party to moving oversize equipment on County roads.

County airports handle over half a million flight operations annually, including the Sheriff’s ASTREA helicopters and emergency medical flights.

Yes, it's big job to keep the county infrastructure up and running. Over 500 dedicated, professional, and courteous workers at DPW are up to the task.

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DPW – Working For You (Fiscal Year 2023-24)

Size of San Diego County - Square Miles



Size of Unincorporated Area - Square Miles



Departmental Budget - Annual






Roads Maintained - Centerline Miles



Bridges Maintained



Airports - Owned & Operated



Airport Flight Operations - Annual



Major Projects Designed - Annual



Traffic Signals



Street Lights



Guardrails - Miles



Sewers Maintained - Miles



Wastewater Treatment Plants



Sewer Pump Stations



Community Water Systems




*updated 12/08/2023