Special Assessment Districts

Special Districts staff assists San Diego County unincorporated area property owners to obtain a variety of services through formation of assessment  districts. These districts help area property owners band together to have special work done and to pay for these services through special assessments on their tax bills.


The most common districts are for improvement and maintenance of roads (Permanent Roads Divisions); annexations to the Countywide Street Lighting District; and County Services Areas (CSAs) for park maintenance, fire suppression services and paramedic services.

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PRD 1017 – Kalbaugh/Haley/Toub/Streets

Election Results for Ballot to Consider Dissolution of PRD 1017

Of the 40 ballots returned to the County by the deadline of 4 P.M. on November 2, 2020, 22 were in favor of dissolution.  County of San Diego Board Policy requires support of at least a majority of the 59 landowners or more than 50% of the assessed valuation for a property owner initiated dissolution.  Since the returned ballots do not represent a majority of property owners or a majority of assessed valuation, the PRD will remain in place as described in the formation documents available below.


The 22 ballots in support of dissolution represent:

·       37% of the total parcels

·       41% of the total assessment

Ballot documents are available here.

Notice of Ballot for Dissolution of PRD 1017:

On August 25, 2020, the County received a petition signed by 51% of property owners in PRD 1017 requesting that the County conduct a mail ballot vote to determine if PRD 1017 should be dissolved. In accordance with this request, you are being sent this notice and ballot to vote on the question of whether or not the PRD should be dissolved. If the majority of landowners support dissolution, this matter will be brought to the Board of Supervisors (“Board”) to consider dissolution. If the Board should approve the dissolution, the PRD will continue to collect assessments to reimburse the County for formation and dissolution costs in accordance with State law and applicable policy. The formation and dissolution costs are estimated at $39,500. Upon the repayment of this debt, the assessments will cease and the dissolution will be complete.

Ballots were mailed on October 12, 2020.  If affected property owners do not receive a ballot by mail they can request a replacement.  Persons who wish to submit a ballot should mail or e-mail the ballot in accordance with the directions provided on the back of the ballot under: “Summary of Assessment Ballot Procedures.” Ballots must be received no later than 4 P.M. on November 2, 2020.  Ballots not received by the deadline will not be counted.

Ballot to Consider Dissolution of PRD 1017

Formation of PRD 1017 : 

PRD 1017 was formed by property owners on June 2, 2020 with 53% of returned weighted ballots in favor of the formation and assessment to fund ongoing annual grading operations on roads within PRD 1017, establishing a reserve, liability insurance, and annual administration.

When PRD 1017 was formed, landowners approved a plan that the County would provide maintenance services beginning in FY 2021-22, following the repayment of formation costs to the County, in compliance with State law and County policy. Assessment revenues will fund grading of the PRD-maintained segments of Kalbaugh, Haley, and Toub Streets. The first year grading operations will include re-establishing the roadway crown, drainage profile, and removing ruts, wash boarding and low spots and will be completed in approximately one week.  Subsequent grading operations will be similar and will most likely require less time, material, and expense, depending on road conditions. Spot repairs will be completed as needed and as funding is available.


San Diego Countywide Permanent Road Division No. 1000, Zone No. 1017 – Kalbaugh/Haley/Toub Streets (Ramona)

 Engineers Report

Property Owner Petition of Support for Proposed PRD Kalbaugh-Haley-Toub

Parcel Map for Proposed PRD Kalbaugh-Haley-Toub

Vicinity Map for Proposed PRD Kalbaugh-Haley-Toub

PRD 1017- Ordinance for Fixing and Collecting Charges on the Tax Rolls

PRD 1017- Resolution of Formation

Ballot Proceedings Vote Tabulation

If you have any questions, please contact the Public Works Department, Private Road & Landscape Maintenance at (858) 694-2691 or Jen.Winfrey@SDCounty.ca.gov