Special Districts Management

Special districts managed by DPW’s Private Road & Landscape Maintenance Section staff provide San Diego County unincorporated area property owners a way to fund a variety of services funded through assessments or special taxes paid by property owners through property tax bills. These districts are formed with property owner approval and pay for specific extended services within a specific community.



The most common districts are for improvement and maintenance of roads (Permanent Roads Divisions); annexations to the Countywide Street Lighting District; and County Services Areas (CSAs) for landscape maintenance, park maintenance, fire protection services, and paramedic services.

Click here to view your parcel’s special assessments/taxes for the current fiscal year.


If you have any questions, please contact the Public Works Department, Private Road & Landscape Maintenance at (858) 694-2691 or SPDIST.LUEG@SDCounty.ca.gov