DPW Public Records Act

Department of Public Works public records are available for public review online.   

Save time!  Many frequently-requested Department of Public Works records are available for public review online; if you need information, you can consult the following online systems:

System Link to Types of Records
Accela Citizen Access Accela Citizen Access
Research Property, Check Permit History, Apply for Building Permits, Pay Fees, Schedule Inspections,
Survey Record System (SRS) (SRS) Recorded Maps, Corner Records, Improvement Plans, Road Surveys

Accela Citizen Access - Help Guides for Accela Citizen Access

County’s Survey Record System (SRS)

Records are available on-line at: Should you need assistance navigating the on-line system you can contact the SRS Coordinator via the link on the homepage.

For all other Department of Public Works Records:

Please submit a DPW Public Records Request Form to request assistance from DPW Staff.

If you have questions, please call Department of Public Works at (858) 694-2212.

Other non-DPW Records:

For information about public records not associated with DPW, please direct your questions to the appropriate department or call (858) 694-3900 for more information. Click this link for a list of County Departments

To review DPW records or writings not available online, please submit a written request to ensure the proper records are provided.  Once the written request to review the information has been received, you will be contacted.  

(California Public Records Act, Government Code Section 6250 et seq.)

Records Exempt from Disclosure:

State law recognizes that certain categories of documents may be exempt from disclosure. Examples of categories of documents that the County may exempt from disclosure include those listed below. Please note, this list is not exhaustive.

  1. Attorney-client communications to and from counsel for the purpose of seeking or rendering legal advice are exempt from disclosure.
  2. Appointment calendars, phone records, emails, memos and other records which impair the deliberative process of County staff may be withheld.
  3. Preliminary drafts, notes, or interagency or intra-agency memos that are not retained in the ordinary course of business, if the public interest in withholding those records clearly outweighs the public interest in disclosure.
  4. Names and contact information of complainants in code enforcement actions may be withheld.