Borrego Valley Airport

Pilot Information

There is no time like springtime in the desert, and Borrego Valley Airport is an ideal location to start desert exploration. The weather is usually pleasant and the flora is adorned with a rainbow of colors between March and May.

The airport and town are surrounded by the 600,000-acre Anza-Borrego Desert State Park. Resorts and motels are available, as well as many campgrounds and picnic areas. A short drive from the airport is the State Park Visitor’s Center with many displays of desert life, area history and other interesting information.

In front of the Visitor Center is a display of the various native plants which will help you learn the difference between a chollas and beavertail cactus, for example. The center also has maps of the numerous hiking trails in the area. If your interest is in nature, follow trails through nearby canyons. You may be lucky enough to see a rare bighorn sheep or exotic birds.

If you’re interested in playing golf or tennis, or just laying by a swimming pool, there are several top-quality resorts which offer courses, courts and comfortable waters. Several of them provide shuttle service from the airport.

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