Upcoming Activities

  • Project Dewatering Study (December 7-14, 2021)

To prepare for the widening of Cole Grade between Cool Valley Road and Pauma Heights Road, along with the construction of a new bridge at Keys Creek, the County of San Diego (County) Department of Public Works has authorized the drilling of three small testing wells near Keys Creek to assess water levels and determine how much water will need to be pumped out to ensure the safety and integrity of the road and worksite during construction. This is a standard practice when constuction is planned in or near water sources. The drilling is scheduled for December 7 and 8, 2021, and the wells will be established on or about December 10, 2021. The "dewatering" tests will be conducted shortly after.

The County has proactively worked with adjacent Valley Center residents to ensure they understand the project and to address their concerns and questions. The proposed work has been assessed for potential environmental impacts and none were identified. These dewatering test wells are not expected to impact water levels in nearby residential wells.

The 30-foot-deep test wells that are only a few inches wide will remove approximately 10,300 gallons of water. Removed water will be stored onsite with the option to use some of the removed water for nearby oak tree irrigation. Any unused water will be removed from the site. No chemicals or lubricants will be needed for the drilling of the wells.