Emergency Contractors Rotation List

It is important for the County of San Diego (County) to maintain a list of pre-qualified contractors in the event emergency repairs or other types of construction are needed immediately following disasters, accidents or other events which threaten, damage, or destroy public facilities.

This  list of pre-qualfied contractors was established under RFSQ 11486 for construction services for FY 2022-2024 (July 1, 2022 – June 30, 2024).

Contractors on the lists have been screened for the minimum required qualifications and have represented that they are ready, willing, and able to provide the services as described in the RFSQ.  The archived RFSQ 11486 may be reviewed for further details at https://BuyNet.sdcounty.ca.gov. This RFSQ will remain open to Statement of Qualifications (SOQ) submittals until a Notice of Qualified Firms is established from a subsequent future RFSQ, anticipated by June 30, 2024.

Contractors are listed in the order of contact for each primary type of work.  Initial order of contact was based on random placement.  Contractors may appear on multiple lists in different order of contact.  In response to emergency requirements, contractors listed at the top of the appropriate list will be contacted.  Contractors that are contacted or assigned emergency work will be rotated to the bottom of the applicable list.  As contractors are contacted and assigned emergency work, the order of contractors on applicable lists will be updated and posted on this site.

Use of the lists for emergency work is at the discretion of the County.  The County also reserves the right to determine the most appropriate means to contract for emergency work, including electing not to use the emergency contractor lists or to deviate from the procedures outlined in the RFSQ.

Questions concerning this listing may be emailed to: Adolfo.Cacho@sdcounty.ca.gov

This listing is comprised of the primary types of work identified below.

LIST 1A: Metal Beam Guardrail

LIST 1B: Fencing

LIST   2: Earthwork / Slope Repair

LIST   3: Bridge / Structure Construction/Temporary Structures

LIST   4: Culverts / Drainage

LIST   5: Wet Utilities / Water / Wastewater

LIST   6: Road Construction / Paving

LIST   7: Debris Removal

LIST   8: Collapsed Building / Structures Recovery