SWPPP Type 3 LUP Construction Activities

LUP Type 3 Template

Appendix A - State Water Resource Control Board Order 2009-0009

Appendix A - State Water Resource Control Board Order 2010-0014

Appendix B - Project Type Identification

Appendix B - Risk Determination Guide

Appendix D - NOI

Appendix E - COI

Appendix F - NOT

Appendix J - Standard Method 2130 turbidity

Appendix J - USEPA Method 150_2 pH

Appendix J - USEPA Method 180_1 turbidity

Appendix K - Bioassessment Guidelines

Appendix K - SOP for Collecting benthic Macroinvertebrate Samples

Appendix L - During Storm (24-Hour Interval) Site Inspection Report (CE 2024)

Appendix L - Emergency Release 304Form&Instr

Appendix L - NAL Exceedance Report (CE 2062)

Appendix L - NEL Violation Report (CE 2061)

Appendix L - Non-Visible Pollutant Storm Event Sampling and Analysis Report (CE 2052)

Appendix L - Notice of Discharge Report High Level Non-Compliance (CE 2060)

Appendix L - Post-Storm Event Visual Site Inspection Report (CE 2025)

Appendix L - Pre-Storm Event Visual Site Inspection Report (CE 2023)

Appendix L - Qualifying Rain Event Sampling and Analysis Plan (CE 2056)

Appendix L - Quarterly Non-Stormwater Discharge Site Inspection Report (CE 2026)

Appendix L - Rain Gauge Monitoring Log (CE 2027)

Appendix L - Receiving Water Sampling and Analysis Report (CE 2054)

Appendix L - Sample Information, Identification, Chain-of-Custody (CE 2050) 

Appendix L - Secondary Containment and Spill Kit Inventory Report (CE 2028)

Appendix L - Stormwater Discharge Sample Collection Log (CE 2053)

Appendix L - Stormwater Field Sample Test Report (CE 2057)

Appendix L - Stormwater pH Meter Calibration Record (CE 2059)

Appendix L - Stormwater Sample Laboratory Test Report (CE 2051)

Appendix L - Stormwater Site Inspection Report (CE 2020)

Appendix L - Stormwater Site Inspection Report Corrective Actions Summary (CE 2022)

Appendix L - Stormwater Training Log (CE 2031)

Appendix L - Stormwater Training Record (CE 2030)

Appendix L - Stormwater Turbidity Meter Calibration Record (CE 2058)

Appendix M - Annual Report Checklist (CE 2063)

Appendix N - List of Contractors

Appendix S - TMDL and 303(d) List Information

Appendix T - Glossary_Abbreviations_Board Contacts

Appendix U - SWPPP Amendments Log and Certification (CE2043)