How to Determine if There are Public Drainage Facilities on Your Property


  • Check our guide
    Private vs. Public Drainage

  • Check your Title Report or Contact Your Title Company
    When you purchased your property a Title Report would have been included with your paperwork which would show any existing easements on the property at the time of purchase. If you no longer have your title, any title company can create a new one for you for a fee.

  • Check the County Assessor/Recorder/County Clerk Official Records Search
    You can search for recorded easements on the property by Document Type, Document Number, Name, 10-Digit APN, or Record Date.

  • Check the County of San Diego Survey Records System, a web-based records viewing and retrieval system 
    The Survey Records System (SRS) is an on-line tool to research plans and record drawings which would show any existing easements on the property at the time the document was recorded. There is a fee to download documents.

  • Visit the County Operations Center
    Cartographic Services - 5510 Overland Drive – 2nd Floor (Kearny Mesa)
    Cartographic Services has the same documents that are available on-line at the SRS. There is a fee to make copies of documents.

  • Hire an engineer or surveyor to do the research for you
    This kind of research and interpreting documents can be complex. If you need assistance there are many firms that can perform this work for you for a fee.