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Consumer Confidence Reports

The Safe Drinking Water Act requires all public water providers, including the Campo Water Maintenance District (District), to provide an annual water quality report to its customers.  Consumer Confidence Reports (CCRs) are sent annually to customers of both Rancho del Campo (Zone A) and Campo Hills (Zone B), and they summarize information about the water systems and how they comply with regulations.  The CCRs include information on source water, levels of any detected contaminants, compliance with drinking water regulations (including monitoring requirements), and educational information. Information contained in the CCRs cover an entire calendar year.  They are prepared by the District, approved by the regulatory agencies and distributed to customers by June 30th of the following year.

Samples of the most recent CCRs for the Rancho del Campo (Zone A) and Campo Hills (Zone B)  water systems are linked here.

Groundwater Well History

Groundwater well historical data for the Rancho del Campo (Zone A) and Campo Hills (Zone B) water systems are linked below.  The static water level measurements for each well, taken over several years, demonstrate that water levels have remained relatively consistent.  In other words, groundwater levels from the source wells have not dramatically fluctuated over time. As the well history also shows, water usage/production, which is based on user demand has generally decreased over the past five years. 

Rancho del Campo (Zone A)

Rancho del Campo (Zone A) Groundwater Well History

Campo Hills (Zone B)