Water System Description

Rancho del Campo Water Tanks

The Campo Water Maintenance District (District) provides water service to approximately 274 customers in the unincorporated community of Campo.  Two separate drinking water systems are utilized; Rancho del Campo (Zone A) and Campo Hills (Zone B). Rancho del Campo supplies water to the southern portion, and Campo Hills supplies water to the northern portion of the Campo community.  LINK TO MAP HERE. Both water systems rely on several groundwater wells that have naturally occurring uranium which is removed during the water treatment process.  

The untreated well water contains uranium and gross alpha that exceeds the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) maximum contaminant level (20 pCi/L for uranium; 15 pCi/L for gross alpha). For this reason, the District utilizes an ion exchange system that removes uranium and gross alpha from the source water prior to distribution to its customers.

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  • Rancho del Campo Water System (Zone A - Southern Portion)

    The Rancho del Campo water system serves the southern portion of the Campo community with nearly 110 customers. The system consists of two 110 feet deep water wells, and one 180 feet deep water well with a combined average production of 35,000 gallons per day (gpd). The treated potable water is stored in two interconnected storage tanks. The combined capacity of these storage tanks consists of more than 15 days of potable water supply. The water is distributed by approximately 70,000 linear feet (13.25 miles) of distribution pipes that are 6 to 10 inches in diameter.

  • Campo Hills Water System (Zone B - Northern Portion)

    The Campo Hills water system serves the northern portion of the Campo community with nearly 222 customers, mostly residential. The water system receives raw water from two 60 feet deep active wells with a combined average daily production of 75,000 gpd. The wells at Campo Hills are shallow and under the influence of surface water. Prior to distribution, the pumped water goes through a series of treatment processes including coagulation, filtration, clarification, ion exchange, and disinfection. A 6-inch transmission line supplies water from each drinking water well to the treatment plant. The treated potable water is placed in a storage tank that has over 10 days of potable water capacity. The distribution network is comprised of approximately 31,680 linear feet (6 miles) of 6 to 8 inch diameter pipes.

  • Interconnection Between Rancho del Campo and Campo Hills Water Systems

    The Rancho del Campo water system is physically separate from the Campo Hills water system with the exception of an interconnecting pipeline that can be opened in case of emergency. Water can be distributed from the Rancho del Campo water system to the Campo Hills water system with the use of a booster pump.