Water Facilities


The Campo Water Maintenance District (District) works 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to keep the water system operating safely, efficiently, dependably, and without disruption of service. Providing safe drinking water and protecting public health are our highest priority.

District water facilities are strictly regulated and must meet all requirements of the State Water Resources Control Board, Division of Drinking Water and County Department of Environmental Health. Operation and maintenance of these facilities include well defined procedures, protocols, constituent sampling, monitoring, and reporting. District operators are state certified in water distribution and water treatment, and utilize sophisticated monitoring equipment.

The District owns and operates two water systems in the Community of Campo as listed below:

Rancho del Campo Water System (Zone A) (State Permit Number: CA 3700859)

957 Forrest Gate Road

Campo, CA 91906

Campo Hills Water System (Zone B) (State Permit Number: CA 3710047)

3215 White Sage Point

Campo, CA 91906