Grading Activities


All grading within the County of San Diego must be completed in accordance with approved plans and permits.  Work that involves movement of more that 5,000 cubic yards of material must be done under the supervision of a civil engineer.  In order to assure that work is being adequately supervised, the County requires submission of periodic reports.

Below are report forms to download in three formats for your convenience.  Please select the appropriate form, complete it and return by mail to the address below.

This report must be filed at least once a month and also during any week in which more than 200 cubic yards of material is moved.  Reports are required beginning within one month of the issuance of the permit and must continue at the frequency indicated above until the project is accepted as complete by the County.

Failure to submit the report as required will be taken to mean that work is proceeding without supervision.  As such, the work is not in conformance with permit requirements.  This is a violation of the Grading Ordinance and will result in the County taking whatever action deemed necessary to gain compliance with the permit.  This could include the County ordering all work stopped, except that needed to protect the site.

Supervising Engineers are also required to file Immediate Reports of Nonconformity and plans for corrective measures as set forth in the Ordinance (87.421).Download File

For more information on reports deadlines, please Download File

Reports should be sent to:

Private Development Construction Inspection

5510 Overland, Second Floor, Room 210,
San Diego, CA 92123-4310  (MS-0 336)
(858) 694-3165
(858) 694-2354 (fax)