Mount Helix Drive Rock Wall Maintenance


Mount Helix Drive Rock Wall (Wall) is located on Mount Helix Drive, in the unincorporated community of Valle de Oro in San Diego County (County). Mount Helix Drive includes a lower loop and an upper loop, with historic rock walls on both sides of the traveled way. Approximately 1.5 mile long, the walls were originally built in the early 1930s. In 1989 the Board of Supervisors rezoned Mount Helix Drive as a Historic Landmark to protect the historic integrity of the Wall. Furthermore, Valle De Oro’s Community Plan states that the design of the road improvements should maximize “environmental and aesthetic considerations consistent with safety needs.”


The San Diego County Department of Public Works performs regular maintenance and repairs on the historic rock walls along Mt Helix Drive. We are in the preliminary stages of developing an updated plan for the rock walls that will reassess our current maintenance and repair efforts. It will also allow us to explore possible solutions to maintain portions of the wall that may need more substantial attention.

Upcoming Activities: 

Anticipated activities over the next 6 month will include on site data collection and reviews to evaluate the current condition of the rock walls, as well as a review of available documents, photos, and interviews with people with knowledge of the history of the rock walls. The data and research will be compiled and analyzed to determine what characteristics and features contribute to the historic significance of the walls and will be used to update the maintenance plan and inform any future work to strengthen or repair the wall.

Throughout the six-month process, we will be providing all stakeholders with regular updates as our efforts advance and milestones are achieved. At the conclusion of this preliminary process, DPW will again reach out to all stakeholders and conduct a public meeting to share the draft plan, solicit community input, and discuss next steps. DPW recognizes the significance of these walls to the Mt. Helix community and look forward to hearing from and working with the community and other stakeholders interested in this effort. Please let us know if you have any questions.

For more information, please contact Chris Hanger (Project Manager) at or by calling (858) 495-5652.


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