Field Engineering

Field Engineering

The Field Engineering staff supports the Road Maintenance staff by:

  • Providing engineering, design and contract support for drainage projects, culvert and appurtenant structure repair projects, and pavement rehabilitation projects

  • Providing support for stormwater pollution prevention and environmental regulatory programs

  • Providing fiscal and budgetary reports for routine maintenance of approximately 2,000 miles of county roads

  • Providing maintenance management support including scheduling, coordination and productivity of road maintenance activities

  • Providing procedural, policy and management direction for road maintenance activities

  • Providing customer service support including service requests

  • Providing clerical support for Field Engineering and Road Maintenance staff


Cal Recycle


The County has received $250,000 grant from CalRecycle to pave many County road segments with rubberized asphalt concrete.  The pavement work was executed over a two-fiscal year period and was completed in January 2018. Approximately 62,500 tons of rubberized asphalt concrete was placed on County roads, which included approximately 500 tons of crumb rubber.  This is equivalent to recycling about 83,000 tires!






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