Traffic Advisory Committee

Yellow Warning Sign with a Traffic Signal

The San Diego County Traffic Advisory Committee (TAC) was formed by the Board of Supervisors to review requests for regulatory traffic controls on the County-maintained road system. These controls include:

Speed Limits * Stop Signs * Traffic Signals * Parking Regulations

The TAC meets approximately every six weeks. The meetings are open to the public.

TAC Agenda


What does DPW do?

The Department of Public Works provides staff to assist the TAC:

Preparing Agendas * Preparing Correspondence * Performing Engineering studies

What is TAC?

In gathering the necessary data for agenda items, photographs are taken, prevailing speeds are determined by radar, traffic volume is electronically counted and California Highway Patrol collision reports are examined by type, cause and time of occurrence. Department staff analyzes and summarizes the data on each agenda item and then presents it to the Committee.

Who makes the decisions?

After reviewing the data and discussing alternatives, the Committee submits a recommendation to the Board as to what it believes to be the most appropriate action based upon sound traffic engineering principles, the California Vehicle Code, and driver expectation. The Board of Supervisors then makes the final decision as to what action will be taken.

If you are considering a request to the TAC, or would like to be routinely notified of the TAC agenda by e-mail, please contact Kenton Jones at

TAC Brochure