Sewer Spill Prevention

Sewer Spill Prevention

Even with a vigilant prevention program, spills can still occur. If that happens, District staff are on call 24 hours a day, seven days a week, including holidays, to take care of the problem.  To report sewer smells, leaks, and spills from the District sewer system,  CONTACT US.  Sewer spills can be caused by clogged pipes related to roots, kitchen grease or other debris, vandalism, and unexpected pipe breaks.  The District works to contain the spill, make repairs, restore service and clean up the affected area as quickly as possible.

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The District has a comprehensive program in place to prevent sewer spills. 

  • We keep the sewer system well maintained by conducting daily pipe cleaning and manhole inspections throughout the District
  • We use video cameras to monitor sewer pipes using a closed circuit television system
  • We use overflow sensors at many sewer system locations
  • We also work to raise awareness among the public about the problems caused by putting food and household products down the drain and planting landscaping near underground pipes, and with restaurants and other businesses to comply with rules about what goes down the drain
  • We work to secure areas that are at high risk for vandalism

Click the video links below to watch sewer line cleaning operations.

Before Cleaning

Video of Sewer Pipe Before Cleaning

During Cleaning

Video of Cleaning Sewer Pipe

After Cleaning

Video of Clean Sewer Pipe

Public Health

Protecting public health, the environment and property are our top priority.

  • We work closely with other government agencies to ensure the proper authorities are notified quickly and clean up actions are initiated without delay
  • We make every effort to not interrupt water and sewer service for our residents and businesses during repairs