Budget Overview

The District follows a July through June fiscal year and annually prepares a two-year operational plan and budget for approval by the District Board of Directors. Budget expenses include staff labor costs, capital improvement, supplies, and equipment, utilities service vendors, engineering consulting contracts, and charges paid to the City of San Diego for treatment and disposal of wastewater collection from District customers. The majority of the Revenue used to fund District expenditures comes from annual sewer service charges collected from District customers on property tax bills.  

Each year, the District’s largest expense is the cost of treatment and disposal by the City of San Diego’s Point Loma Treatment Plant, also known as METRO. METRO treatment and disposal costs are typically 25-30% of the District’s annual operating budget. The next largest expense is the cost of capital improvement projects. These projects include system upgrades, rehabilitation, and repairs to ensure uninterrupted sewer service, minimize the chance of sewer spills, and maintain compliance with regulatory permits.


FY 21/22 O&M EXPENSES - $55M


FY 21/22 REVENUE - $55M

FY_21/22_SDCSD_Revenue _Pie_Chart




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