EDU & Rate Breakdown

Sewer rates are set so that revenue is sufficient to cover the cost of operating and maintaining the sewerage system.  In order to assure that each customer pays an equitable rate, the District conducts period financial studies to confirm that rates are reasonable and adequately fund the cost of providing sewer service to its customers.

An EDU or “Equivalent Dwelling Unit” is a unit of measure that is based on the flow characteristics of an average single family residence in terms of sewage quantity and constituent quality.  EDUs measure flow and essentially serve as a benchmark by which all other customer classifications are proportionally relative. 

Commercial, institutional, and industrial customers have assigned EDUs (with 1.2 being the minimum per Ordinance) based on a combination of flow quantity and strength as measured by the organic and inorganic content.  High strength sewage is more costly to transport and treat, so customers generating that type of waste generally have a higher rate per EDU.

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