Pest Control Industry

Preventing runoff from entering our streets and storm drains helps protect our waterways from pollution! All sources of pollution, including runoff from pest control activities, are prohibited from leaving your business property and application properties and entering streets and storm drains. Only rainwater is allowed in the streets and storm drains.

Did you know…

  • If pesticides are washed into our storm drain systems that lead to our waterways as a result of over irrigation or rain events, they can degrade our water quality and harm aquatic life.
  • Releasing pollutants directly or indirectly into the storm drain system or waterways is a violation of the County’s Watershed Protection Ordinance (WPO). 


What can I do?

  • Dispose of pesticide containers properly:  Follow the label instructions, Safety Data Sheets (SDS), and applicable local, state, and federal laws and regulations.
  • Use Best Management Practices (BMPs) for your business: BMPs are techniques or controls used to prevent or reduce the discharge of pollutants, such as pesticides and other chemicals, into the storm drain system. BMPs for the pest control industry could include not applying pesticides prior to a rain event, keeping pesticide product containers in good condition with lids securely closed when not in use, and stored in a manner that protects them from contact with stormwater.


Want to learn more?

The resources below provide suggested BMPs and further information on how to protect our waterways. Click the buttons to view available languages:  


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Know before you go…

Perform pesticide or other chemical product formulation activities in areas located away from storm drain inlets or waterbodies. If not possible, use BMPs to protect storm drain inlets and waterbodies.


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If you would like to report a pest control industry discharge concern, have questions about our program, or would like additional information call the County Storm Drain Pollution hotline at: 1(888) 846-0800 or e-mail us at