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If RV black or grey water is not disposed of at a dump station, it can harm our creeks, rivers, and the ocean.  You can keep pollutants, like bacteria, out of our waterways by using RV dump stations. To help your experience at the RV dump station go smoothly and safely, consider these key tips:

  1. Secure both ends of the hose before opening the tank valve.
  2. Keep an eye on the hose while dumping to make sure it stays connected. 
  3. Close valves when the tanks aren't being emptied. 
  4. Rinse any residue or spills toward the dump station inlet pipe (connected to the sewer/septic system). 
  5. Have spill response materials, like absorbent, ready to apply and sweep up - you never know what could happen!


Browse on the Google Map below to locate a RV dump station near you.