Child Welfare Services


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In order for Child Welfare Services to carry out the goals of child protection and preserving families, it is essential that the community have confidence in the policies and procedures of Child Welfare Services. The investigation of referrals, the initiation of case actions and the continuing provision of family services affect dramatically the lives of children and families. To maintain community confidence in the integrity, effectiveness, and efficiency of Child Welfare Services, the position of Ombudsman was created in February 1992.

The Office of the Ombudsman of the Child Welfare Services is an internal unit for conducting independent reviews of complaints concerning policies or practices. Complaints can be lodged by members of the public, community organizations or agencies. The objectives of the office are to ensure that:

  • Uniform policies and standard procedures for complaint resolution are applied
  • Community complaints are resolved promptly in an impartial, objective and professional manner
  • Policies and practices are consistent with the goals and mission of the Child Welfare Services

Following the review of a complaint, the Ombudsman will make every effort to resolve the complaint amiably. The final decision on the resolution of the complaint rests with the Director of Child Welfare Services.