The CWS Office of the Ombudsman investigates concerns and conducts internal reviews related to Child Welfare Services policy, procedure and social work practice. Complaints can be lodged by members of the public, community organizations or agencies.

The Ombudsman elevates findings and recommendations to management and leadership teams to ensure policies and practice meet state and federal  laws, and are consistent with the mission and goals of CWS.

Contact the Ombudsman for issues such as lack of consistency with
visitation, insufficient communication with social workers, placement  concerns, and any other practice and customer service related concerns.

Please contact (619) 338-2098 or send us an email.


The Agency Compliance Office (ACO) within HHSA is outside of CWS and provides another layer of transparency when addressing concerns specifically about CWS and its practice. If the concerned party has already worked with the assigned social worker, supervisor, and others in the CWS agency but the issue has not been resolved, ACO can be contacted.

A complete and thorough independent review will be conducted, including interviewing the individual who elevates the concern, the staff involved, and reviewing any relevant documentation. 

Please contact (619) 338-2328 or email


The Resource Parent Ombudsman is specifically dedicated to responding to caregivers’ (resource parents and relatives) inquiries regarding visitation, policy and procedures, transitions of children leaving the resource parent home, or issues with social worker communication. 

Please contact (858) 650-5744 or email