Immunization Trainings for Childcare/Preschool and School Staff

Person conducting an online training.

The Immunization Unit provides no-cost trainings on state-mandated immunization requirements at childcare/preschool facilities and TK/K-12 schools.

Trainings are open to all staff that transcribe and review immunization records, including: 

• School Nurses,     
• School Administrators, 
• School Registrars, 
• Health Technicians,   
• Health IT Staff,
• School Aids, and   
• Medical Assistants 

Health care providers and social service agencies are welcome to attend as well.

To sign up for scheduled trainings, click on the appropriate links. 

School Law and Required Immunizations via Microsoft Teams

State Law:
Required Immunizations

Register to learn California immunization laws and regulations as well as basic procedures for reviewing immunization requirements and medical exemptions. Understand the process for admitting or excluding students and receive instructions how to complete the blue card manually. 


Upcoming Pre-K Trainings

Tuesday, 7/16/24
9:00AM - 10:30AM 
Register here

Upcoming TK/K-12 Trainings

Wednesday, 7/17/24
9:00AM - 10:30AM
Register here

California Department of Public Health General Immunization Law Online Modules

Online Module for Childcares/Preschools
View here

Online Module for Schools
View here

School Reporting Training via Microsoft Teams

Annual Fall Immunization Report
Pre-K and K-12 (*COMBO) Dates

Receive guidance on submitting the annual state-mandated fall immunization report, including information on report categories and unique situations.

Upcoming Annual Reporting Trainings

Future training dates
to be determined.

California Department of Public Health Annual Reporting Online Modules

Reporting Immunizations for
View here

Reporting Immunizations for TK/Kindergarten
View here

Reporting Immunizations for
7th Grade
View here

Monthly drop-in office hour via Microsoft Teams

Monthly Drop-in Office Hours

Join us for this monthly remote drop-in opportunity to engage with the Immunizations Unit. Engage with the Immunizations Unit to have your questions answered in real time about school and childcare immunization requirements. Network and learn best practices and tools for maintaining compliance with immunization law and requirements.

Upcoming Office Hours

Tuesday, 2/13/24
12:00PM - 1:00PM
Register here

Immunization network updates via Microsoft Teams

Immunization School Network Updates

Network with school and childcare facilities and stakeholders at the quarterly Immunization Network meeting and receive state and local level updates. Share best practices, tools, and messages, as well as discuss clarifications and future training needs.

Upcoming Network Meeting

Future meeting dates
to be determined.

Contact the San Diego Immunization Unit via e-mail or call (866) 358-2966.
To request materials, please go to the Immunization Materials page.

Contact the Epidemiology School Response Team via e-mail or call (619) 692-8636.
To request materials, please go to the Educational Materials page.