School Immunization Program (SIP) 

SIP is a team of experts that support schools by creating materials on vaccines, hosting trainings for school health staff, and providing personal consultations. SIP also helps community vaccine providers plan and lead school-located vaccination events. These vaccination events help to increase the school community's access to immunizations.

Educational Materials

young children looking at educational materials

Use SIP educational materials to explore, learn, and teach information about infectious diseases and the vaccines that help prevent them. Visit the educational materials page.

These materials are inclusive of different learning styles. Choose from a wide selection of materials:

  • Brochures
  • Posters
  • Social media
  • And more!

All materials include:

  • Images and graphics that are relatable,
  • Information that all ages can understand, and
  • Health terms described clearly and accurately.

SIP designs materials to help students and families make informed decisions about their health.

Personal Consultations

nurse speaking to mother and child

SIP understands that each school, even each family, may have questions about vaccines. SIP is happy to provide personal consultations with the school health faculty/staff and school families. The team members support school health personnel and families in these sessions, by addressing:

  • Specific concerns or questions about vaccines.
  • Vaccines needed for school and how to catch up on  any vaccines needed.
  • Personal vaccination guidance based on resources available to families.

These consultations are an opportunity for open dialogue about vaccinations for children.

Please request a consultation using this webform, or contact the IZ PHNs via e-mail at

School-Located Vaccination Events

young boy at community event

SIP partners with community vaccine providers to plan school-located vaccination events.

These vaccination events feature:

  • Vaccine education and resources,
  • Vaccination stations,
  • Time to ask a subject matter expert your questions, and
  • Information about community resources available to students and families.

The goal is to provide vaccines to school communities and have fun doing it!

Request to host a vaccine event using this webform.

Trainings for School Health Staff

nurse giving a presentation

SIP offers trainings to school nurses and other school health faculty and staff. These sessions teach school health personnel about the vaccination needs of their students. 

Trainings can cover topics including, but not limited to,:

  • Basic information on the importance and safety of vaccines.
  • Specific vaccines recommended for children and adolescents.
  • Vaccine preventable diseases.
  • Vaccine hesitancy and how to address it.

These presentations will prepare school nurses and school health staff to discuss vaccines with students and families.

School nurses and staff may request a presentation using this webform.

Contact Information

For more information, contact the School Immunization Program through e-mail at or via phone at 1 (866) 358-2966.


Contact the San Diego Immunization Unit via e-mail or call (866) 358-2966.

Contact the Epidemiology School Response Team via e-mail or call (619) 692-8636.