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Land Use & Environment Group

2023-24 Adopted Budget $674M

The County of San Diego's Land Use and Environment Group serves the community by working to protect the public's health and safety, sustain the environment, and improve the quality of life for our residents and visitors.

Protecting the Climate & Natural Resources $132.6M

Protecting the Climate & Natural Resources
  • Guide the region toward zero carbon emissions (RDF) $3.8M
  • Support new Office of Sustainability & Environmental Justice $2.9M
  • Guide equitable drought management  
  • Protect the region's watershed from run-off  $53.6M
  • Preserve land to protect species (MSCP and new North County MSCP) $16.4M
  • Plant 3,500 new trees $2M
  • Create a sustainable land use framework
  • Support the region's agricultural industry $14M
  • Create sustainability plans for 8 County airports
  • Divert waste from landfills 
  • Educate EV consumers via website
  • Convert County vehicles to electric 
  • Promote green building and solar energy use $2M
  • Create more EV charging stations at County facilities
  • Species monitoring in 30 County preserves 
  • Preserve farmland permanently $0.2M 
  • Improve environmental conditions in TJ River Valley $2.8M
  • Implement departmental sustainability plans
  • Manage bee keeping safety and education programs

Supporting How You Live, Work & Recreate $253.8M

Supporting How You Live, Work & Play
  • Housing support: $38.8M
  • Create ways to house people in a sustainable manner 
  • Develop programs that aid housing affordability
  • Incentivize Accessory Dwelling Units
  • Ensure safe mobile home parks
  • Review 10,500 building plans and inspect 40,000 structures for safety
  • Removing Barriers to Housing
  • Operate 156 parks, 57,000 acres of parkland and 385 miles of trails $33.5M
  • Operate 33 branch libraries, 4 electric bookmobiles and 5 automated book kiosks $32.7M
  • Operate our eight County airports $24.9M
  • Maintain unincorporated county road surfaces $61M
  • Maintain/operate County sewer system and water districts

Infrastructure Safety $222.3M

Infrastructure Safety
  • Maintain neighborhood amenities (traffic signals, sidewalks, bike lanes, curb ramps, pedestrian crossings, and guardrails to enhance road safety) $148M
  • Keep culverts, channels, levees, storm drains safe and clean 
  • Maintain safe, beautiful park and library facilities $10.8M
  • Construct runway improvements at County airports 

Empowering the Community $38.3M

Empowering the community
  • Actions to improve broadband in the unincorporated area $500K
  • Inspect 30,000+ scales, register and gas pumps for accuracy $4.9M
  • Provide at-risk youth programs serving 8,000 youths $1.1M
  • Offer Library High School to help people secure diplomas
  • Managing our dynamic digital library $7.6M
  • Provide 24/7 free Wi-Fi at County library facilities
  • Offer library materials in world languages spoken locally
  • Provide citizenship training
  • Provide Free Little Libraries & Mini libraries to aid literacy
  • Verify organic products and promote sustainable agriculture
  • Improve accessibility through annual ADA improvements at County facilities $1M

Protecting Health $60.4M

Protecting health
  • Inspect 15,700 food facilities for safety $14.9M
  • Test beach water quality at 45 locations routinely and post same-day results $1.6M
  • Collect over 175 tons of household hazardous waste
  • Conduct 479 solid waste inspections
  • Regulate the use of pesticides
  • Monitor and treat 1,600 mosquito breeding sites $15M
  • Permit  over 14,000 hazardous material facilities and perform annual inspections $14M
  • Respond to Hazardous Incident Response Team (HIRT) emergencies
  • Inspect structural fumigations to protect team members, the public and the environment $5.4M

Under Construction

Capital Projects

LUEG also manages 94 capital projects valued at $304.8 million that are in different phases of design, engineering and construction. This includes park and library projects. These costs are accounted for in another area of the County budget.

FY 23-24 Summary

Budget in Millions


Change from FY 22-23 is 7.1% 

Team Members


Change from FY 22-23 is 4.5 %

Agriculture, Weights & Measures, Environmental Health & Quality,  Parks & Recreation, Planning
& Development Services, Public Works, San Diego County Library as well as the Office of Sustainability & Environmental Justice.