The County of San Diego Department of Parks and Recreation enhances the quality of life in San Diego County by providing exceptional parks and recreation experiences and preserving significant natural resources.  

County of San Diego Department of Parks and Recreation 

2023-24 Recommended Budget $75.6M

Our team members work daily to protect, maintain and sustain 156 park locations featuring 385 miles of trails across 57,000 acres of land.  We promote environmental ambassadorship, health and wellness, safe communities and civic pride through thousands of programs including interpretive hikes and bike rides, educational workshops, nature discovery tables, classes, camps, volunteer activities, community festivals and more. 

Protecting the Climate & Natural Resources $20.4M

Protecting the Climate & Natural Resources
  • Reduce greenhouse gas emissions (fleet and solar) - EV conversions
  • Promote green building and solar energy use
  • Create more EV charging stations at County facilities 
  • Implement departmental sustainability plans ($235,000)
  • Water Conservation Projects 
  • Preserve land to protect species (MSCP and new North County MSCP) 
  • MSCP land aquisition ($7.5M)
  • MSCP goals and objectives ($2.2M)
  • Biological and cultural monitoring ($2M)
  • Conservation and restoration activities ($1.1M)
  • Land stewardship activities ($2.5M)
  • Improve environmental conditions in TJ River Valley (dredging) ($2.8M)
  • Rancho Lilac stewardship and TJ transboundary flow
  • Plant 3,500 new trees ($2.0M)

Supporting How You Live, Work & Recreate $36.1M

Parks Supporting How You Live, Work & Play
  • Operate 156 parks, 57,000 acres of parkland and 385 miles of trails ($23.8M)
  • Maintain existing tree canopy ($1.5M)
  • Homeless encampment cleanup ($1.0M)
  • Recreational Programming ($4.4M)
  • Interpretive Programming ($1.7M)
  • Special Events ($1.5M)

Infrastructure Safety $15.6M

Parks Infrastructure Safety
  • Ongoing programs for safety/weed management at park and library facilities (MMIP)
  • Stewardship, fire and vegetation management ($7.5M)
  • Major maintenance ($3.5M)
  • Major maintenance capital ($4.7M)

Empowering the Community $3.0M

Parks Empowering the community
  • Run Safe Destination (SD) Nights serving 8,000 youth ($1.1M)
  • Enhance acessibility through annual ADA improvements at County facilities ($1.0M)
  • Train team members on equity, diversity and inclusion topics ($400,000)
  • Use data to understand/track community needs (Community Needs Assessment) ($155,000)
  • Provide youth employment opportunities ($105,000)
  • Translate information into eight languages ($4,000) 
  • First Time Camping Program, youth/teen outdoor trips 
  • Involve the community in our programs through meeting and online options ($112,000)
  • Monitor changes in regulations and develop policy in coordination with other jurisdictions ($155,000)

Under Construction

Capital Projects

DPR also manages capital projects valued at $283M that are in different phases of design, engineering and construction. In Fiscal Year 2023/24 the following seven projects valued at $20.5M will be funded. Costs are accounted for in another area of the County budget:

  • Stowe Trail ($0.1M)
  • Santa Maria Creek Greenway ($1.0M)
  • Hidden Meadows Park ($2.0M)
  • Casa de Oro Library Park Amenities ($2.4M)
  • Otay Valley Regional Park (OVRP) ($2.5M)
  • Alpine Local Park ($5.0M)
  • Multiple Species Conservation Program (MSCP) Land Acquisition (CAP) ($7.5M)

FY 23-24 Summary

Budget in Millions


Change from FY 22-23 is 6.9% 

Team Members


Change from FY 22-23 is 4.9 %

Agriculture, Weights & Measures, Environmental Health & Quality,  Parks & Recreation, Planning
& Development Services, Public Works, San Diego County Library as well as the Office of Sustainability & Environmental Justice.