Planning & Development Services

2022-23 Budget

Through operational excellence and attention to customer service, we strive to balance community, economic and environmental interests to ensure the highest quality of life for the public of San Diego County.

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Budget in Millions


$53.2M FY 22-23 272
5.3 % Change from FY 21-22 14.8 %

Planning & Development Services enhances the quality of communities and ensures the health and safety of residents by protecting natural resources and implementing the General Plan and land development ordinances in the unincorporated region. PDS works with a variety of stakeholders including community, economic, and environmental interests to foster greater connection and engagement in our efforts. PDS is responsible for long-range planning, which guides long-term growth. PDS analyzes privately initiated land development projects to ensure compliance with land use regulations and makes recommendations to the Board of Supervisors and the County Planning Commission based on that analysis. PDS maintains public health and safety through engineering services, building permit review, and building inspection. The PDS Code Compliance program ensures safe, sustainable communities and the preservation of the County’s natural resources. PDS is committed to creating a seamless land use process that works efficiently, maintains high-quality standards, and helps customers navigate the planning and development process. 



Advancing an Equitable, Healthy Climate


Prepare an amendment to the Environmental Justice (EJ) Element of the General Plan that incorporates additional identification criteria, broadening the application of EJ principles (e.g., improving public participation to reduce pollution exposure and promote public facilities, food access, safe and sanitary homes, and physical activities) for underserved communities

Tackling the Climate Crisis



Implement teleworking and alternate work schedules to reduce greenhouse gas emissions

Implement SB 743 governing new home development locations $2M

Create a sustainable land use framework to guide future development projects $2.97M

Educate community members on Electric Vehicles by providing updated information on our Electric Vehicle Consumer Guide website related to searching for an electric vehicle, the benefits of an electric vehicle, the costs associated with electric vehicles, and electric vehicle charging options

Continue the preparation of the Climate Action Plan (CAP) update to meet state legislation GHG targets by 2030 while striving for net-zero emissions before mid-century. Thereby reducing greenhouse gas emissions, increasing community resiliency to climate change impacts, and decreasing vulnerabilities for the underserved unincorporated area communities $0.8M

Promote green building and solar energy use $2.19M

Implement departmental sustainability plans

Develop ordinances that will divert food waste from landfills $0.2M


Protecting Natural Resources


Preserve farmland through permanent easements


Manage groundwater sustainability (SGMA) $3.9M

Open Space Acquisition and preservation of agricultural land (PACE) 443 acres $2M

Preserve land to protect species (MSCP and new North County MSCP) $1M

daily life

Daily Life:  Live, Drive, Work, Play, Eat, Learn


Update policies and ordinances to accommodate the housing needs of all members of unincorporated communities by updating the Housing and Safety elements to identify additional housing opportunities.  Work will improve public safety by expanding plans for additional evacuation routes in at least two unincorporated communities, and conduct a detailed hazard analysis as community plans are updated  

Abatement of life, safety, and public nuisance issues $0.25M


Address community concerns and violations of codes and ordinances in the unincorporated County by responding to requests from residents to investigate concerns and educate the public about County Codes to gain voluntary compliance to ensure the safety and protection of community resources $5.1M

Streamlining and accelerating housing production through updates to zoning ordinance $0.8M

ADU fee waivers $2.7M

Develop options and program for community benefits agreements. To allow for meaningful, upfront community input on projects and maximizing the positive impact of development on local residents and economies $0.5M

Permit process innovation and business process reengineering to reduce processing times, costs to applicants and to improve the review process and increasing transparency $0.56M

Empowering People

Empowering & Improving Lives


Train employees on equity, diversity, and inclusion topics $0.58M


Use data to understand and track community needs $0.46M

New staff to advance cutting edge policies through collaboration, research, and monitoring industry trends and best practices

Connecting & Involving

Connecting & Involving More People



Involve the community in our programs through meetings and online options

Translate information into eight languages

Focus on community outreach and engagement

Consumer Confidence and Economic Opportunity

Consumers & Economic Opportunity


Conduct over 45,000 building inspections to ensure structures are built in accordance with approved building plans and applicable building safety codes $4M


Complete 11,500 plan reviews to ensure buildings meet safety, sustainability, and energy efficiency requirements per building code $3.8M

Socially Equitable Cannabis Ordinance development $1.1M

Infrastructure Safety and Reliability

Infrastructure Safety & Reliability



Review 500 discretionary projects to ensure communities are designed with safe and appropriate infrastructure, emergency response services, community character, and parks and trails $8.7M

Review final engineering for construction and development projects such as grading and road improvements to ensure communities are designed safely and with appropriate infrastructure and improved water quality. $6.05M

Protecting Health