DPW is responsible for preserving, enhancing, and promoting quality of life and public safety through the responsible development and maintenance of reliable and sustainable infrastructure and services in the unincorporated region of San Diego County.

Department of Public Works

2023-24 Adopted Budget $366.6M

DPW provides reliable infrastructure to promote safe, healthy, and thriving communities through capital improvements, road maintenance, traffic safety, airports management, flood prevention, private development construction inspection, special districts administration, collection/treatment of wastewater, and operation of small drinking water systems. We support a sustainable environment through stormwater management, recycling/waste diversion, closed landfills management, and by providing infrastructure to foster walking, biking, and reductions in greenhouse gas emissions.

Protecting the Climate & Natural Resources $65.9M

DPW Protecting the Climate & Natural Resources
  • Prevent pollution from reaching the ocean through storm drains and protecting water quality (green infrastructure and watershed protection) $49.3M (includes $35.1M for the stormwater program accounted for in different area of the County budget.)
  • Manage closed landfills to protect air & water quality $9.2M
  • Divert waste from landfills for greenhouse gases reductions and sustainable management $6.7M
  • Create sustainability plans for 8 County airports $500K
  • Rain Barrel distribution $135K

Supporting How You Live, Work & Recreate $140.3M

DPW Supporting How You Live, Work & Play
  • Maintain unincorporated county road surfaces $61M
  • Maintain/operate County sewer system and water districts $53M
  • Operate our eight County airports $25M
  • Create Shelter (safetly and affordability): Provide homeless solutions (cleanup and assistance) $1.4M

Infrastructure Safety $188.4M

Infrastructure Safety
  • Safe roads, new traffic signals, and storm response for 2,000 miles $115M
  • Maintain things that support roadways (traffic signals, sidewalks, bike lanes, curb ramps, pedestrian crossings, and guardrails to enhance road safety) $33M
  • Services for map recordation and special districts to maintain private roads, landscaping, streetlights, and flood control $21M
  • Pro-active planning for vehicle replacement $7.6M
  • Inspection of private development projects $6M
  • Keep culverts, channels, levees, storm drains safe and clean $4M
  • New bike lanes and sidewalks $1.4M
  • Construct runway improvements at County airports $780K

Empowering the Community $5.0M

DPW Empowering the community
  • Involve the community in our programs through meeting and online options $2.8M
  • Train employess on equity, diversity, and inclusion topics $1M
  • Translate information into eight languages $400K
  • Use data to understand and track community needs $390K
  • Policy: resources to monitor changes in regulations, develop policy and coordination with other jurisdictions $377K

FY 23-24 Summary

Budget in Millions


Change from FY 22-23 is 6.4%

Team Members


Change from FY 22-23 is 3.0%

Agriculture, Weights & Measures, Environmental Health & Quality,  Parks & Recreation, Planning
& Development Services, Public Works, San Diego County Library as well as the Office of Sustainability & Environmental Justice.