CEQA Consultant List Application Information

Attention! The deadline for Consultant List Renewal Applications has been extended indefinitely.

The extended deadline applies to the following subject areas:  Agricultural Resources, Air Quality, Archaeological Resources, Biological Resources, EIR Preparer, Fire Protection Planning, Groundwater, Historic Resources, Mineral Resources, Noise, Revegetation Planning, Traffic and Transportation and Visual Analysis.
How does this affect your standing on the consultant list and the status of your application?

- Your standing on County of San Diego CEQA Consultant Lists will remain in effect until completion of the renewal application process.

- The Department will refund any renewal fees already paid by consultants to date. Consultants applying for renewal will need to pay the renewal fee that is in effect once the renewal process is initiated. All consultants will be contacted prior to initiating the renewal process.

Listed consultants who do not submit a renewal application package, including the associated consultant application fee, will be removed from the applicable consultant list.  

Applications for placement on the CEQA Consultants List are accepted on an open enrollment basis. Consultant lists are update up to twice per year. Payment of a consultant application fee is required for new applications. The fee for new applications is $532 in accordance with the County Fee Schedule.

All listed consultants are required to execute a  Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) or similar agreement that addresses payment, communications, confidentiality of information, report preparation and handling, and indemnification. 

Please review the Consultant Minimum Qualifications prior to completing an application:

Application requirements for open enrollment and renewal applications are available at the following links:

 Consultant Application Forms and Information

 Consultant List Appeal Information