County of San Diego Butterflies Habitat Conservation Plan

Quino checkerspot butterflyQuino checkerspot butterfly

The County of San Diego (County) is now underway to protect sensitive butterfly species!

The County was recently awarded a Section 6 grant through the Cooperative Endangered Species Conservation Fund. This funding will support the planning and completion of the County's Butterflies Habitat Conservation Plan (HCP) to protect sensitive butterfly species in San Diego including the federally listed endangered Quino checkerspot butterfly and Laguna Mountains skipper, federally listed threatened Hermes copper butterfly, and sensitive Harbison's dun skipper.

The purpose of the County's Butterflies HCP is to protect, restore, and enhance habitat to facilitate the recovery of these sensitive butterfly populations. The County's HCP will facilitate a more efficient regulatory process, providing improved species conservation and permitting for landowners, agricultural operators, businesses, and residents in the unincorporated regions of San Diego County.

Project Contact: Autumn Viglione | | (858) 495-5440