Land Development

The Land Development Division provides engineering and review services for construction and development projects throughout the unincorporated areas of San Diego County. The DPW Land Development Website hosts additional information related to processes under their ultimate authority.

LD counter engineer

Schedule an appointment online with Land Development Counter staff for the following appointment types:

  • Grading Permit or Improvement Plan Application Submittal
  • Grading Permit or Improvement Plan Issuance

We will require a flash drive in addition to the hard copy files for all new projects and resubmittals for the following permits:

  • All Major Minor, and Stockpile Grading Permits  
  • All Major, Minor, and Public Improvement Plans 
  • Final Map Applications
  • Parcel Map Applications
  • Centerline Applications
  • PDP SWQMP Referrals

Use Flash Drive Submittal Checklist  for instructions on naming submittal documents

The Flash Drive MUST include individual PDF files of all required documents, plans, and reports. ZIP files, encrypted or password protected are not allowed. For questions please contact your Land Development Project Manager, or the Land Development Counter at