About Planning & Development Services

Dahvia Lynch, Director


Planning & Development Services (PDS) is a department with a new approach to doing business and a new culture.  PDS combines the land use processes that used to be divided among various County departments — Planning and Land Use, Public Works, and Parks & Recreation. This creates a seamless land use process that works efficiently, reduces customers’ costs and maintains the highest quality review standards.

PDS is one of six departments that make up the County's Land Use and Environment Group. It is responsible for long range land use planning, including the County General Plan and Zoning Ordinance, which determine how our communities will grow. The department analyzes privately initiated land use projects to ensure compliance with land use regulations, and advises the Board of Supervisors and Planning Commission on the projects. Department programs such as building plan review, building inspection, and code compliance help maintain public health and safety. 

PDS is committed to helping customers navigate the land use permit process and ensuring all customers receive exceptional customer service.  PDS has identified three key goals and five initial focus areas which will encourage culture change and advance progress toward organizational excellence. 

The three key goals are:

1. Improve customer service

2. Achieve a high performing workforce

3. Reduce costs and increase productivity

Our five focus areas are:

1. Mission, Vision & Values

2. Triple Bottom Line

3. Workforce Development & Training

4. Case & Project Management

5. Performance Management

PDS continues to approach the department’s mission strategically to ensure our drive toward excellence is maintained and that we successfully attain our goals.  A critical component of our performance management strategy is to monitor and report performance.  See how we are doing here:

Permit Center Time Standards and Performance