Socially Equitable Cannabis Program

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Public Meetings

On Wednesday March 3, 2021, the Board of Supervisors (Board) will receive an update from staff on the Board direction provided on January 27, 2021. The update includes staff research, analysis of other jurisdictions’ program development, and stakeholder input to date, and for the Board to provide direction on how the Program is built.

Item #11
Board Letter

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Project Overview

On January 27, 2021 (Item #4), the Board of Supervisors directed County staff to develop Cannabis and Social Equity programs for implementation in the County’s unincorporated areas. Over the coming months, County staff will be drafting new ordinances and regulations for the Planning Commission’s and Board of Supervisors’ considerations later this year. If adopted, these ordinances will create a permitting system to allow cannabis retail, cultivation, manufacturing, distribution, and testing in certain zones in the unincorporated area. Additionally, if adopted, the Social Equity Program will provide people that have past cannabis arrests or that live in areas disproportionally impacted by the War on Drugs with greater opportunities to secure a County operating permit.

To help guide our effort, County staff will be reaching out to Community Planning Groups, Community Sponsor Groups, social and racial justice advocates, industry members, farmers, potential cannabis permit holders, and others. We hope to hear your thoughts about the new programs and answer any questions you may have.

For additional details and program specifics, please refer to the Board Letter submitted by the Supervisors of Districts One and Four.  The Board’s Minute Order, which expresses the Board’s direction provided during the January 27 hearing, is also accessible at this link

Stakeholder Engagement

Overview Presentation Slides

Group Meetings

February 11th, 2021: Community Planning and Sponsor Group Chair Meeting  
February 11th, 2021: Cannabis Industry Professionals
February 12th, 2021: Farm Bureau - Cannabis Sub Committee Meeting 
February 16th, 2021 Overview Presentation Slides
February 22nd, 2021: Campo Lake Morena Community Planning Group
February 24th, 2021: Regional Cannabis Legal Community 
February 24th, 2021: Rainbow Community Planning Group 
February 25th, 2021: Fallbrook Community Planning Group Cannabis Ad Hoc Subcommittee 

Individual Meetings

February 12th, 2021: Dallin Young - Blue Water Government Affairs
February 12th, 2021: Richard Westfall – Retired Planner 
February 12th, 2021: Rudy Reyes – Medical Cannabis Advocate 

Additional State Resources

In addition to the County’s future operating permits that are under development, a state license is also required to engage in commercial cannabis activity. For more information on state licensing programs, please visit the following links.

State of California Cannabis Portal
Bureau of Cannabis Control