Twin Oaks Valley Community Plan Update

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The County is currently re-evaluating the scope and process considerations for community plan updates, in consideration of County Board of Supervisors direction for Vehicle Miles Traveled (VMT) guidelines updates and the Sustainable Land Use Framework process. This re-evaluation process could lead to new direction or other actions for the County’s Community Planning program. 

Sustainable Land Use Framework website

Community Plan Update

The Twin Oaks Valley is currently part of the existing North County Metropolitan Subregional Plan (originally adopted 1979, amended 1990, and re-adopted 2011). The purpose of the Twin Oaks Valley Community Plan Update (CPU) is to develop a standalone community plan for the Twin Oaks Valley community plan area to reflect the future vision for the community. The CPU will have the same legal authority as the County General Plan but must remain consistent with the goals and policies in the General Plan and other relevant County plans and programs.

Upcoming Meetings

Upcoming meetings to be announced.

Update Process

Staff anticipates a phased approach to working with stakeholders on the community plan update. A brief description of each phase is provided below:

Phase 1: Project Initiation: Community kickoff meeting; developing the project team and outreach plan

Phase 2: Research/Existing Conditions: Gathering demographic and constraint data; market analysis existing conditions analysis; infrastructure existing conditions analysis; visioning and existing conditions public workshop; review of existing policies and consideration of new policies; draft goals and policies public review; and initiating the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) process

Phase 3: Planning Concepts/Analysis: Developing concept alternatives that incorporate land use, mobility, public facilities planning and other components; planning concepts community workshop(s); CEQA technical studies and analysis; market analysis; infrastructure analysis; zoning and design guidelines community workshop(s); and informational item public presentation at the County Planning Commission

Phase 4: Draft Community Plan: Determination of the preferred concept/scenario, based on workshops and other input; preparation of the draft Community Plan; Community Planning Group (CPG) presentation for the draft Community Plan; and CEQA public review and response to comments

Phase 5: Final Community Plan: Preparation of any revisions to the draft Community Plan based on CEQA public review input; hearing preparations and presentations at the Planning Commission and Board of Supervisors for potential adoption 

How to Get Involved

The Twin Oaks Valley Community Plan Update will provide many opportunities for stakeholder involvement throughout the process, including:

  • Community workshops
  • Community Planning Group meetings
  • Community Plan Update Subcommittee meetings
  • Submitting comments during public review phases and anytime via the project email address (noted below)
  • Contacting staff to discuss the project, via the project email address or project phone line (also noted below)
  • Subscribing to email updates for the project, using the link provided at the top and bottom of this page
  • Providing testimony at public hearings with the Planning Commission and Board of Supervisors

Upcoming workshops and meetings will be posted on this web page. 

For More Information

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns about the Twin Oaks Valley Community Plan Update, please email or call (858) 505-6677

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