Pinecrest Avenue General Plan Clean-Up

The Pinecrest Avenue General Plan Clean-Up is a County-initiated project to resolve a mapping error which occurred in the 2011 General Plan Update. The project proposes to resolve the inconsistency on the project site between the existing General Plan Land Use Designation of Village Residential 15 (VR-15) and Zoning of Rural Residential (RR). The Project site is located on Pinecrest Avenue within the North County Metro plan area within the unincorporated area of San Diego County. As part of this project, the Planning Commission will vote to recommend one of the following options to the Board of Supervisors:





Option 1

Option 2

Option 3

Option 4

Option 5

General Plan Land Use Designation














Minimum Lot Size  

1 Acre

1 Acre

0.5 Acres

10,000 SF

6,000 SF

6,000 SF


The proposed changes for the Pinecrest Avenue General Plan Clean-Up General Plan Amendment and Rezone are being circulated for a public and agency review and comment period. The public comment deadline has been extended from July 6th to Monday, August 9th.. Please note that comments are due by close of business on Monday, August 9th

Please utilize the file links located on this website to view the public review documents. If needed, hard copies of the documents referenced on the website are available upon request for viewing at the drop-off counter of 5510 Overland Avenue. For further information regarding the operations of Planning and Development Services, please use the information located at the link below or contact the project manager using the contact information on this website:

Please direct any questions or formal comments to the project contact below.

Project Contact: Nathan Kling | | 619-323-5507


PUBLIC REVIEW PERIOD (May 21, 2021 - July 6, 2021)


Why is the County processing a General Plan Amendment and/or Rezone?

The General Plan Update (adopted in 2011) was a comprehensive, complex, and large update in both scope and scale. As such, staff and the Board of Supervisors anticipated that unforeseen inconsistencies and mapping errors, along with changed circumstances, would emerge during plan implementation that would require changes. Therefore, at the time of the adoption of the General Plan Update, the Board of Supervisors directed staff to bring forward a General Plan “clean-up” every two years in the form of a General Plan Amendment.

The Pinecrest Avenue General Plan Clean-Up is intended to resolve a mapping error which occurred in the 2011 General Plan Update.  During the 2011 Update, the properties on Pinecrest Avenue under the County’s jurisdiction (also known as NCM402) were designated with a General Plan Land Use Designator and Zoning Use Regulation that are inconsistent, as defined by Section 2050 of the County’s Zoning Ordinance. This item was originally brought to the Planning Commission as part of the 2019 General Plan Clean-Up. Due to the significant level of public comment, the Planning Commission voted to refer NCM402 back to staff for further analysis. This amendment is intended to bring the item back to the Planning Commission with the analysis conducted by staff.


What do the proposed options for the property changes mean?

Outlined below is an explanation of some of the designators being presented as options for NCM402.

The General Plan Land Use Designations indicate the number of units per acre which may be built.

  • Village Residential 15 – 15 units per gross acre
  • Village Residential 7.3 – 7.3 units per gross acre
  • Village Residential 4.3 – 4.3 units per gross acre
  • Village Residential 2 – 2 units per gross acre
  • Semi-Rural 1  – 1 unit per 1, 2, or 4 gross acres (Slope dependent, see GP Table LU-2)

The Zoning Use Regulation regulates what types of uses may be permitted.

  • RR – Rural Residential
  • RS – Single-family residential
  • RV – Variable Residential

The Building Type designators regulate what types of structures may be built (only residential types are shown below) 

  • C Designator: Single Detached (one dwelling per lot)
  • K Designator: Single Detached (One dwelling unit per lot); Semi-Detached (one dwelling unit per lot; Duplex or Double Detached; Stacked (same lot); Triplex, Three Unit Multiple (same lot); Attached, Three to Eight Dwelling Units (separate lots, i.e. Condominiums); Multi-Dwelling (same lot, i.e. Apartments)

The Height designators indicate the maximum height that structures may be built to.

  • G Designator = 35 feet
  • J Designator = 40 feet.


Where can I find additional information?

Additional information on the County Zoning Ordinance is available at:

Additional information on the County General Plan is available at: 

Additional information on the 2019 General Plan Clean-Up is available at: