Advance Planning

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What is Advance Planning?  

We are a division of Planning & Development Services that implements the long-range vision planning for the unincorporated portion of San Diego County.  The division is responsible for maintaining the County's General Plan, a document that provides the framework for future growth and development in the County.  Adoption of the comprehensive General Plan Update by the Board of Supervisors in August of 2011 included an implementation plan that details the actions and activities necessary to accomplish the General Plan goals and policies.  We also maintain the County's Zoning Ordinance with regular updates with revised regulations to serve public health, safety and general welfare.  

Advance Planning is undertaking a comprehensive update of the Land Development Code (LDC or Code). This will help implement the General Plan, including Community Plans, and advance the County’s vision to be Healthy, Safe and Thriving. 

The division is developing the North County Multiple Species Conservation Program for the northern part of the unincorporated area.  Much like the adopted South County MSCP, the North County MSCP will be a regional conservation planning program intended to streamline the endangered species permitting process for development projects, while preserving the unique native habitats and wildlife found within the County.

Advance Planning processes regular updates to other land development policies and ordinances in order to make them more streamlined and responsive to today's challenges.  With direction from the Board of Supervisors, the division looks to modernize regulations and remove barriers without cutting corners that sacrifice public safety, environment, or quality of life.

The division also manages a variety of ongoing activities that derive from federal, state and local mandates.  Examples include compiling records to satisfy Public Record Act requests, providing support and training for elected and appointed members of the Community Planning and Sponsor Groups, analyzing pending legislation and commenting on proposed development projects in neighboring jurisdictions that could impact the County.

Advance Planning projects can be time consuming, controversial, and challenging given their complexity and broad impact on residents and stakeholders.

For a list of Notable Completed Projects and Currently Active Projects for the General Plan Amendments, and Policy and Ordinance click here.

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