Camp Lockett Master Plan / Overlay Zone

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Camp Lockett

Background: The County of San Diego (County) recently initiated work on the development of a Master Plan for an approximately 400 acre area of Campo in eastern San Diego County known as Camp Lockett. Camp Lockett was historically used as a U.S. military encampment and was home of the 10th, 11th, and 28th Calvary during World War II, including the famous “Buffalo Soldiers.” The County, in coordination with Camp Lockett Interest Group (CLIG) (composed of the Camp Lockett Event Equestrian Facility (CLEEF), the Pacific Southwest Railway Museum (PSRM), the Mountain Health and Community Services (MHCS), the Motor Transport Museum (MTM), the Mountain Empire Unified School District (MEUSD), and the Mountain Empire Historical Society (MEHS)), sees the potential and opportunity for the Camp Lockett area to serve as a center for the Campo community. These entities each intend to use the property for the benefit of the public, to provide additional community services to the Campo area residents, expand educational program and preserve the historic aspects of the property. The Camp Lockett Master Plan and Overlay Zone will help to create a vision for the Camp Lockett area, and guide implementation of the long-range goals and objectives for the site. This project builds upon the efforts of the Camp Lockett Framework Management Plan (FMP) prepared in 2007, and follows the Board of Supervisors approval to convey approximately 167 acres of County-owned property to CLEEF in March 2016, and an additional 247 acres to various non-profit entities (i.e. PSRM, MHCS, MEUSD) in July 2016. 

The following briefly describes the entities involved:

  • The Camp Lockett Event Equestrian Facility (CLEEF) provides a unique equestrian facility on the historic grounds of Camp Lockett. The facility, located within the southernmost portion of Camp Lockett, currently includes a recreated Buffalo Soldiers equestrian obstacle course, a small museum of artifacts, various outdoor arenas, and the Ferguson House.
  • The Pacific Southwest Railway Museum (PSRM) is dedicated to the preservation and interpretation of railroads as they existed in the Pacific Southwest. The museum, located in the northwestern portion of Camp Lockett, currently includes the restored Campo Depot that functions as a train station and gift shop, exhibit halls and display areas showcasing historic railroad cars and locomotives, and the Southwest Railway Library.
  • The Mountain Health and Community Services (MHCS) is dedicated to improving and maintaining the health and well-being of a person through high quality healthcare and community services. MHCS operates the Mountain Health Community Center, located in the center of Camp Lockett, which currently includes, but is not limited to, the following services: CalWIN applications for food stamps, MediCal, senior transport, emergency food boxes, and onsite senior lunches.
  • The Motor Transport Museum (MTM) is dedicated to increasing public awareness and appreciation for old trucks and the development of the motor transport industry.  The museum, which includes the historic Campo Feldspar Mill and four buildings within central Camp Lockett, preserves, restores, and displays antique trucks, equipment, and artifacts that have positively influenced the motor transport industry.
  • The Mountain Empire Unified School District (MEUSD) began educating students in 1923 and was composed of seven elementary schools and one union high school. In 1952, the District unified and now encompasses over 660 square miles consisting of two Pre-K through 8th grade elementary schools, two Pre-K through 5th grade elementary schools, two 6th through 8th grade middle schools including Camp Lockett Middle School located in the southern portion of Camp Lockett, one high school, and an Alternative Education Program and Transition Program.
  • The Mountain Empire Historical Society (MEHS) owns the Gaskill Brothers Stone Store Museum located at the intersection of Forest Gate Road and Highway 94. Built in 1885, the building was a central hub of commerce, travel, and ranching from the 1860s to 1920s. The museum commemorates the history of the Gaskill Brothers and other displaced Texans during the Civil War. 

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Campo/Lake Morena Planning Group Meeting
December 11, 2017, 7:00 pm
Mountain Empire Community Center
976 Sheridan Rd, Campo, CA 91906

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October 23, 2017 - Public Workshop #1 

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