Camp Lockett Master Plan / Overlay Zone

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Camp Lockett

Background: On December 9, 2020, the Board of Supervisors (Board) approved the Camp Lockett Master Plan and Rezone (Master Plan) for an approximately 400-acre area of Campo in eastern San Diego County known as Camp Lockett. The approved Master Plan allows civic, cultural, visitor, and community-oriented uses on the Camp Lockett property, and also includes design guidelines to ensure that future development maintains high-quality architecture that embraces and complements Camp Lockett's cultural and historical context.

Historically, Camp Lockett was an Army Calvary base that came into County of San Diego (County) ownership in the 1950s. On March 1, 2016 and July 19, 2016, the Board approved the conveyance of portions of the Camp Lockett property to nonprofit organizations that are part of the Camp Lockett Interest Group (CLIG). The purpose of the conveyance was to maintain and improve the property to preserve and complement its historical nature while providing services and other benefits to the community.

The Master Plan created five new zones to accommodate the planned community-oriented uses and will be implemented by each CLIG property owner. The rezone allows the CLIG to use Camp Lockett to benefit the public and provide additional community services to Campo area residents while preserving the area's historical aspects. A description of each CLIG member and approved uses for the Camp Lockett property is provided below:

San Ysidro Health (SYH) - Camp Lockett 1 (CL-1) Zone: The SYH’s property occupies approximately 122.8 acres within the Master Plan area. The SYH is dedicated to improving and maintaining people’s health and well-being by providing healthcare and community services. The CL-1 zone includes a laundromat, a wellness center, Chafee park outdoor activities, a children activities center, a central administration and purchasing area, a facility maintenance center, a joint-use dining hall, a homemaker thrift store, wellness/behavioral health services, a theater, existing staff cottages (17 units), a pool, and a senior services area.

Pacific Southwest Railway Museum (PSRM) - Camp Lockett 2 (CL-2) Zone: The PSRM’s property occupies approximately 100 acres of the Master Plan area. The PSRM is dedicated to the preservation of railroads as they existed in the Pacific Southwest. The CL-2 zone includes a book/video depository, mine exhibits, a caboose, exhibits and storage, general store, and a campground.

Camp Lockett Event Equestrian Facility (CLEEF) - Camp Lockett 3 (CL-3) Zone: The CLEEF occupies approximately 163.97 acres of the Master Plan area and provides a unique equestrian facility on Camp Lockett's historic grounds. The CL-3 zone includes additional caretaker accommodations, a picnic area with tables, a food preparation kitchen, barrack/restrooms, cultural exhibits stalls, a replica obstacle course, a fenced dog area, a barn to host events, and a dry camping area.

Motor Transport Museum (MTM) - CL Zone 4: The MTM occupies approximately 3.98 acres of the Master Plan area. The MTM is dedicated to increasing public awareness and appreciation for historic and antique trucks and the motor transport industry's development. The CL Zone 4 includes cultural exhibits and library services.

Mountain Empire Unified School District (MEUSD) - CL Zone 5: The MEUSD occupies approximately 14.39 acres within the Master Plan area. The MEUSD is not proposing uses at this time but intends to adaptively reuse existing buildings in the future. The CL-5 zone accommodates the Major Impact Services and Utilities use type on the property.

Mountain Empire Historical Society (MEHS): MEHS leases the Gaskill Brothers Stone Store Museum from the County of San Diego. It is situated north of the intersection of Forest Gate Road and Highway 94. The museum commemorates the history of the Gaskill Brothers and other displaced Texans during the Civil War. MEHS’ property was not rezoned as part of the Master Plan. 

December 9, 2020, Board Hearing Documents:

Camp Lockett Master Plan Documents: