Agriculture Promotion Program

On March 15, 2017, the County Board of Supervisors (Board) amended the Zoning Ordinance language pertaining to the Agriculture Promotion Program.

The Board’s action adds and clarifies agricultural use definitions; supplements agricultural opportunities to include new agri-tourism accessory uses; 3) allows wineries in the S92 Use Regulations; and 4) revises the animal use regulations. Uses that are regulated by these Zoning Ordinance amendments include: creameries, microbreweries, micro-distilleries; and agricultural stores. Below is the Minute Order from the March 15, 2017 Board meeting detailing the Board’s action, as well as a copy of the amended Zoning Ordinance.

Minute Order:

Link to Final Program Environmental Impact Report Documents

On November 14, 2018, the Board directed the Chief Administrative Officer to establish short- and long-term options to allow agricultural community events during agri-tourism activities, such as harvest festivals. Agricultural community events would be considered accessory uses to agricultural operations.

Additional information on Agricultural Community Events can be found here.


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