Eave Construction Guidance

This page provides AutoCAD detail drawings for various types of eaves that comply with the County of San Diego Ignition Resistant Eave Construction Guidance Documents.


While these standards will provide a high level of protection to structures built in the wildland/urban interface area; there is no guarantee or assurance that compliance with these standards will prevent damage or destruction of structures by fire in all cases.  For more information on eave construction or other fire code requirements, please refer to the County's Wildland-Urban Interface - 2008 Code Changes summary document (PDS #664) or contact the County's Building Department, Fire Services Division at (858) 565-5920.


To determine which detail will be allowed on your structure, you must first determine whether you are able to maintain 100 feet of defensible space completely around the structure in accordance with the Fuel Modification requirements of section 4707.2 of the County Fire Code.  The fuel modification zone shall be located entirely on the subject property.

  • When 100 foot of defensible space will be provided any of the details listed in the following Ignition Resistant Eave Construction chart may be used.
  • When 100 foot of defensible space is not provided.  While it is always desirable to have at least 100 feet of defensible space around all structures in the Wildland-Urban Interface Fire Area, there are situations where the required fuel modification cannot be achieved on the parcel, or where steep terrain, high fuel loads, or other special circumstances create additional hazard.  In these cases only the most ignition resistive of the details may be used as shown in the right hand column of the Ignition Resistant Eave Construction chart.

Once you have determined the amount of defensible space that can be created on your property, consult the following table to download the appropriate detail.


1 Stucco Soffit with Fascia Protected Detail_01B.dwg Detail_01E.dwg
2 Stucco Soffit with Fascia Exposed Detail_02B.dwg NOT ALLOWED
3 Foam Trim with Stucco Detail_03B_E.dwg Detail_03B_E.dwg
4 Heavy Timber Detail_04B_E.dwg Detail_04B_E.dwg
5 Wood with Drywall Underlayment Detail_05B.dwg NOT ALLOWED
6 Wood Soffit, Fascia Exposed, with Fire-Resistive Underlayment Detail_06B.dwg Detail_06E.dwg
7 Cementitious Siding on Soffit and as Underlayment Behind Fascia Detail_07B.dwg Detail_07E.dwg
8 Cementitious Siding on Soffit Detail_08B.dwg NOT ALLOWED
9 Enclosed Eave with Exposed Wood Detail_09B.dwg NOT ALLOWED
10 Open Eave with Exposed Wood Detail_10B.dwg NOT ALLOWED
11 Exposed Fire Retardant Treated Wood Fascia Detail_11E.dwg Detail_11E.dwg
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