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The bill mandates local jurisdictions, such as the County of San Diego, to ministerially approve up to two residential units and/or a two-lot subdivision if the property is located within certain single-family residential zones.

SB-9 seeks to expand housing construction in certain single-family residential zones. However, this law contains a number of detailed conditions, exceptions and allowances that apply to the permitting of two residential units, the lot split, or both.


For example, to qualify for SB-9, the subject parcel must be located within:

  • An urbanized area or urban cluster, as designated by the US Census.
  • A single-family residential zone with a "B", "C", or "D" building type.

SB-9 does not apply to every single-family, residentially zoned property. There are a number of excluded areas.

Additionally, your property would not qualify for SB-9, if any portion of the parcel is located within, or contains any of the following:

  • High or very high fire severity zone.
  • Wetlands.
  • 100-year flood zone.
  • Floodway.
  • Prime farmland, or farmland of statewide importance.
  • Historic district, or California historical resources inventory, historic property, or landmark.
  • Hazardous waste, or hazardous list site.
  • Lands identified for conservation in an adopted natural community conservation plan.
  • Habitat for protected species.
  • Lands under a conservation easement.
  • Delineated earthquake fault zone.

Please see our SB-9 Checklist, PDS-600 for complete requirements for properties located within the County of San Diego.

The full text from Senate Bill 9 can be found by clicking here.

PDS implemented a ministerial approval process to allow for housing development of up to two units in certain single-family residential zones (Building Permit Application), and for the two-lot subdivision (SB-9 TPM Application Package)

Additionally, we have created an interactive SB-9 webpage that provides you with the filters and layers to determine if your property qualifies for SB-9 or not. You can search via address or APN (i.e. 1011010100)

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