When Your Rental Unit Goes into Foreclosure or is Sold



Sometimes the house or apartment you are renting goes into foreclosure and is sold. What happens then?

  • First, you must continue paying your rent.
  • If you have a lease, you may be able to stay in your rental unit until that lease expires (unless the new owner has good cause to evict you, similar to any other rental situation.) The new owner is not required to give you another lease when your current one is finished.
  • The new owner may ask you to move out if he bought the home in foreclosure and plans to live there himself. In that case, the owner may legally ask you to leave within 90 days, even if the lease would have let you stay there longer.
  • If you happen to be in this situation and the new owner tells you that you must leave in less than 90 days, offers money to get you to leave or gives you a notice of eviction, you should contact us as soon as possible.


If you plan to sell your property that houses a Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher renter, you must contact us prior to the sale. The contract and lease terminate upon sale of the property; however the Housing Agency and new owner may transfer the housing assistance (Section 8) payments to the new owner to provide uninterrupted payments.

  • Please notify the tenant as soon as possible that their landlord is changing.
  • You need to mail or fax to the Housing Authority any changes in ownership or property management. Please send a list of the affected Section 8 renters and proof of the change, such as a copy of the grant deed, the closing escrow document or the new property management contract.


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